5 axis machining center exhibition, time, and location introduction – C ■ Satisfactory.

Dual G/4G Dual G/RI Dual G/RI/J.

CTV/Y/cut/D inverter dual G multifunctional stirring cold water/direct heat dissipation (- B: efficient) stirring cold water (- equal temperature and humidity) wholesale equipment.

The advantage of this model is that it has three types of dual blades, which can be used on the same blade with different blades (buy one), restoring the impossible cold bending to the original usage effect. Cooling and pressure relief with built-in cold water reduces pipeline resistance and is more conducive to chip removal.

The TV/D inverter series can choose speed and single chuck temperature compensation management, and is compatible with multiple languages to save time, qualification, and labor. It is deeply popular in high-end manufacturing industry, especially suitable for precision welding of stainless steel, special alloy steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, zirconium aluminum and iron alloy, copper alloy, and magnetic materials.

VST: This product uses a 35mm lead rail and sliding guide block control, with high accuracy and smooth response, specifically designed for general tasks.

The exhibits of CME Shanghai International Market include various types of robotic arms, vertical lathe, CNC turning machine, ring milling machines, engraving machines, spot welding machines, testing equipment, etc.

PME: CME Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition is an advanced small giant machine tool with professional and comprehensive performance in South China.

PME: CME Shanghai International Internet and Industrial Automation (SME), Control Systems, Manufacturing Technology and Products.

PME: Siemens has launched two products suitable for machining production lines of various brands, providing comprehensive solutions for industries such as automobiles, machinery, electrical appliances, metallurgy, light industry, and home appliances.

Up to 90% of new ultra-high technologies such as JENM H790, JENM A5, and SteiLean are available.

Over the years, Essen has become the main supplier of CME Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition. With leading technology and innovative suppliers, Essen has many years of proud choices in products such as CNC turning machine, industrial automation, motion control, intelligent milling, springs, carving, etc., and constantly seeks cooperation. Recently, Essen was also fortunate to have won the international exhibition at the Changzhou Machine Tool Exhibition.

Now, apart from aerospace and automotive sales, every CNC turning machine has become a major product highlight at the exhibition in October.

Essen will continue to showcase the best-selling suppliers of loading and unloading machines, turning tool lathes, milling machines, boring and milling machines under the main engine factory, as well as various foreign trade businesses. We will further transform to customers and globally leading turbocharging technologies. We will continue to increase our product export efforts, while also improving the cover and expanding the product range, further diversifying services, and providing strong technical support and services for diversified markets.

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