What is the reason for the difficulty in exporting CNC boring mill products? Next, we will follow the editor to further explain the importance and precautions of CNC boring and milling machine boring processing. Let’s take a look together!

The CNC boring and milling machine processing system should meet the following requirements: high static pressure: the size of the main transmission system is affected by the size interference of the lathe and fitness machinery, and can be processed at high speed.

A milling machine uses the combined motion of milling cutter rotation and workpiece rotation to complete the cutting process of the workpiece, which directly affects the shape accuracy, position accuracy, cylindrical accuracy, and smoothness of the workpiece.

Gantry milling machine: including gantry milling and boring machines, gantry milling and planing machines, and double column milling machines, all used for processing large parts.

Single column milling machine and single arm milling machine: The horizontal milling head of the former can move along the column guide rail, and the workbench is fed longitudinally; The end milling head of the latter can move horizontally along the cantilever guide rail, and the cantilever can also adjust the height along the column guide rail. Both are used for processing large parts.

Instrument milling machine: A small lifting table milling machine used for processing instruments and other small parts.

Tool milling machine: used for mold and tool manufacturing, equipped with various accessories such as end milling heads and plugs, and can also be used for drilling, boring, and slotting.

Other milling machines: such as keyway milling machines, cam milling machines, crankshaft milling machines, roller journal milling machines, and various auxiliary equipment.

Cantilever type milling machine: The milling head is installed on a platform, and the spindle and milling head are used to install and support the milling machine.

Lifting table milling machine: The lifting milling machine can be hung on a three-dimensional shelf, occupying two or more wooden beams.

Single piece milling machine and double column milling machine: The former has a higher operating range, the latter has a higher operating range, and the latter has a higher operating range.

Horizontal milling: The milling head is vertically downward 45 degrees, the crossbeam can move up and down along the rocker guide rail, and the workbench can move horizontally on the column.

Double column milling machine: The workbench cannot be lifted or lowered, and can perform lifting and lowering movements in two directions. The milling head can move longitudinally along the column guide rail, and the milling head or column can move vertically. The milling head can perform side feed.

The multi-purpose tool holder workbench can be used to process various planes, slopes, grooves, etc. with various cylindrical milling cutters, circular milling cutters, angle milling cutters, forming milling cutters, and end milling cutters.

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