OEM/ODM precautions for machining center, such as aperture φ The empty tail of the 1 can determine the wear or how far the drill bit has been worn, which should be the reason for the wear or damage of the drill bit. It may be because the tail of the Fried Dough Twists drill is defective, or it may be because the drill bit is worn and needs to be repaired properly. I will show you the wear of SS16 and AN3, and L drill 13 can use wear; I will introduce to you what causes the wear of the drill bit to cause the wear of the SS16? It may be because the guide rail of the Fried Dough Twists drill is worn, or the drill bit is worn.

Could you please check the same number as the machine tool bed for ruler 3, Mozi’s 00? Is there a device for installing servo drivers or servo sensors.

Recently, as the IT costs of the exhibition continue to increase, in order to synchronize and interact with the IT exhibitions exhibited in the same period as the 2021 IT exhibition, we not only continue to provide thousands of new products and products for large-scale IT exhibitions of different products (such as automotive engines, aerospace, consumer manufacturing, etc.), but also receive many complaints with various representative new products.

In addition, due to various primary tasks, it will lead to significant changes in the contracts of the exchange location, and lead to uneven shapes of new products/handles related to contract orders, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry.

Haofeng CNC is responsible for integrating and transforming all CNC machine tools into innovative machine tool performance through “high rigidity serialization, high-precision serialization, and low bed surface serialization”. In addition, we not only need to achieve stable and efficient machine tool structure, bed mounting, and saddle shaped design, but also localize components that can improve the overall rigidity and lightweight of the machine tool.

Based on our product upgrades and technical level, our machine tools can achieve multi-directional combination through various installation and debugging solutions. And provide assembly and debugging services suitable for machine tools for users.

Haofeng CNC has a decades of rapid development history, and our solutions can provide users with better machine tool services. Our solution is mainly reflected in these five aspects.

The size of the workpiece is accurate, the surface smoothness is good, and the shape of the workpiece is accurate, and the processing surface is not easily deformed. 4. Reasonable tool life, providing tool life adjustment to avoid repeated errors.

The VDY series vertical turret machine has the precision of vertical hobs in our Germany. Compared to previous low price upgrades, our company can produce various specifications of vertical turrets.

Our XIND series horizontal drag plates can be radially extended with ultra short guide rails, ensuring the weight of the mechanical part for easy maintenance and repair, greatly reducing its rigidity and dynamic performance.

Our company has advanced mechanical design capabilities, high rigidity design, and a compact machine tool structure that allows for distances of up to 1500 per part. However, the machine tool still has a drag plate stroke, with a movement distance of up to 800 millimeters.

Our sales and services, and enjoy an integrated permanent partnership with total costs.

All products we provide are fully customized to meet customer requirements, including a full range of turning electronic products, automotive parts, communication components, Bluetooth equipment, power modules, and automotive parts.

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