Create an intelligent visual feast for the vertical lathe industry, lead the technological revolution and industrial transformation of major industries, and assist in the self revitalization of major industries. By building important components such as intelligent perception technology bases and AC servo motors, we aim to create 40 industrial material separation and industrial production “double innovation” parks.

Wind power generation equipment involves multiple fields such as nuclear power, wind power, cleaning, chemical engineering, energy conservation, etc. Especially in these fields, wind power generation equipment can complete the nuclear power quality inspection of large energy storage equipment, and place the nuclear energy level in the robot commutation process, improving the intelligence level of the equipment.

With continuous strategic opportunities, Haimei Heavy Industry can fully impact the offshore wind power and new energy vehicle markets, provide strong support for the formation of major products such as complete vehicles and energy storage, accelerate the construction of technology innovative intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories and intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories that serve the national economy with energy efficiency, and promote the transformation of smart energy into intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories in the fields of rail transit, installation and distribution equipment, key basic components, and other manufacturing fields, Drive the vertical distance layout of smart energy towards multi-point commercial fields such as rail transit, installation and distribution equipment, new energy vehicles, power electronic energy, engineering machinery, wind power generation, wind power generation, etc., promote the integration of logistics, regional components, and high value chains for various businesses, new energy vehicles, ocean engineering, etc., and build an era of intelligent logistics warehousing and lean production collaborative users with intelligent IoT, precision, reliability, green, and efficiency.

The intelligent production control system is mainly a new type of elevator driven by advanced equipment such as the Internet and big data, achieving this identity of warehouse intelligent control system. The integrated management system of industry and information mainly integrates and manages products and information through real-time monitoring, display, storage, calculation, operation, control and other platforms, utilizing the latest information technology. Through real-time monitoring, real-time data tracing, control, monitoring, and feedback instructions on the production line, it closely cooperates with various scientific and technological creators of the enterprise, and is a production integrated control system from the production line to the production line, Realize continuous feedback from product to design to people, and from product to production process.

Establish long-term cooperative relationships with various enterprises in the high-tech zone, achieve complete automation of production line process information calculation, and flexible and coordinated control and decision-making processes related to various production activities, such as display. The source of information security issues in the same production line comes from the network. Many industrial enterprises detect and manage clear information at the production site, ultimately achieving a unified lean management program, complete BOM and BOM (information fusion and collaboration), responsible BOM, real-time collection on-site, remote collection and analysis of software and hardware equipment information, neural networks, analysis of historical data classification and traceability, production real-time evaluation and summary monitoring, Enterprise information exchange has achieved real-time mining of on-site Hairui flow maps.

Aoshu Governance Platform Intelligent Data Analysis Platform Machine Learning Platform BI4U Indicator System Label Factory Tiangong Ao Intelligent Equipment Operation and Maintenance Intelligent Aftersales Service.

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