Knowledge of CNC turning machine, come and learn about the application and technology introduction of CNC turning machine.

CNC turning machine, also known as CNC turning machine, is a widely used and widely covered CNC machine tool in China, accounting for approximately 25% of the total number of CNC machines. CNC machine tools are a combination of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronic, and information technologies.

Many people may not be familiar with CNC turning machine. This time, everyone has made a lot of introductions to CNC turning machine. I believe some friends also know that the difference between CNC turning machine and ordinary lathes is that CNC turning machine have CNC systems and feeding systems. Do you know what their advantages are? What are the recognized ones? Today, the editor of Taiwan Jianyuan Machinery will take everyone together to understand. 1、 CNC turning machine emerged in the early 1990s.

An ordinary lathe relies on gears and ordinary screw nuts for transmission. Due to the presence of gaps between each motion pair and inaccurate manual operation, the repeatability accuracy is low. Ordinary lathes require manual measurement after parking, resulting in significant measurement errors and low efficiency. Suitable for small batches, low precision requirements, and miscellaneous parts. It has a lower investment compared to CNC, but requires higher operating skills from workers, resulting in a higher salary level. The scrap rate and productivity of low-level workers can be a headache for you.

A vertical lathe is used to process workpieces with relatively large diameters and weights, or difficult to install on a horizontal lathe. The spindle axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the workpiece is installed on a horizontal rotating workbench. The main motion of the workbench is driven by the action of the rotation, and the vertical tool holder is used.

For rough turning, machining accuracy is an important indicator to measure the level of a country’s major advanced technology and equipment. By achieving the highest possible transmission ratio, high precision, and efficient machining.

In terms of processing large disc parts, Dongguan Haoyisi CNC turning machine Processing Factory has introduced advanced production and processing technology. After machine tool dynamics, the standard requirements for manufacturing technology are relatively high, requiring mechanical processing.

Howis’ approach inevitably highlights the low noise and environmental standards of traditional processing bird sites, but the digitalization of processing technology and intelligent management of modern chemical plants have significant production capabilities beyond the screen.

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