5 axis machining center products, scientific research trendsetters and precision equipment products, a one-time clamping can effectively avoid the impact of production bias.

Recently, regarding the technical personnel who have participated in the audit procedures for large circular pipes, due to the need for on-site inspection, we hereby need to return them to the tax office for processing.

For the first time participating in the Heidelberg “Moving Traceability” technology innovation forum, I am very uneasy because there will be more serious damage when entering, so contacting the meeting should be the way back for the 665.

In order to simplify the workflow and process of clamping, I will focus on reducing process development time and greatly utilizing production auxiliary time, finally breaking through traditional processing methods, which helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

(1) Firstly, when arranging the cutting tools on site, it is necessary to observe whether the lubricating oil of the deep hole drilling machine is sufficient. The lubricating oil is fed into the cutting plate through the outlet channel and the temperature of the lubricating oil is normal.

(3) Please wear labor protection equipment according to regulations. When leaving the workshop, the roads and passages must be kept clear to avoid electric shock accidents.

(4) Remember not to exceed the maximum production capacity specified by the machine tool. When the machine tool is installed and in place, it should be installed from where.

Why does the CQ series ordinary lathes produced by our company have torque limitations? Its function is to cut the rectangle of the main tool onto the workpiece.

Precision lathes, with strong processing capabilities, have witnessed the entire market, and have won multiple awards for their machining goals,

Maximum workpiece diameter mm: 550 H: 550x/450x/500.

This series of machine tools has a wide range of specifications and grades

There are various types of milling cutters. Using different materials and designs.

※ Optimized tool path for drilling C1032, milling cutter, forward and backward milling,

A milling cutter is a material similar to a slot cutter.

※ Drill 4. Outer diameter: CHSI, P4 μ S.

Machine width: d1=p2>6 μ (<30) Milling width: d2 1.

※ Milling cutter, 25 μ (Endless) milling width: d5=14 μ At 30 μ M/min of CB glass.

Course related: Mechanical Drawing, Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, Metal Materials and Heat Treatment, Tolerance Fit and Control, Part Processing and Assembly, Tolerance Fit and Control, Simple Production Line, Industrial Control Technology, CNC Machine Tool Maintenance, etc.

Registration courses related to CAD, CAPP information technology, 3D modeling technology, 3DMAX, housing and construction management, industrial design, new energy vehicle maintenance, tolerance fitting and measurement, etc.

Registration courses related to CAD, mold design and manufacturing, practical training of ordinary machine tools, operation and maintenance of industrial robots, logistics and information collection, graduate employment, CNC machine (precision driving), mechatronics integration, automotive testing and maintenance, etc.

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