Have you paid attention to these ten major issues in the 5 axis machining center industry?

Refers to enterprises that rely mainly on massive means (C equals 1), coupled with local sea numbers, and can provide massive investment support. In addition, the massive price is also a good answer. The contradiction between abstract and discrete volumes and massive amounts is also a prominent issue.

With the advantages of its first tier brand, the 6150 lathe can not only process diameters Φ 240, can also process taper, arc, and chamfer. At present, there are mainly lathes with beveled edges with a diameter of 50mm and a price on the market. This is also a widely recognized segmentation issue among many users.

The diameter manufacturing standard is 5 millimeters. Delivering with a diameter of 254 millimeters has become a difficult task.

Low efficiency in mass production: The reason why aircraft are so complex is that the number of gas structures is small, unable to reach expensive horizontal aircraft.

Poor connection between aircraft leads to machining errors. This issue is also widely recognized by many users.

When processing parts, it is generally only necessary to change the CNC program, which can save production preparation time.

The machine tool itself has high accuracy and rigidity, and can choose favorable processing quantities, resulting in high productivity (usually 3-5 times that of ordinary machine tools).

The products of computer control include computers, machinery, hydraulics, air pressure, lathes, air pressure, and board making machines.

Forging and pressing machinery, textile machinery, light industry machinery, medical machinery, municipal machinery, CNC machine tools, plate making machines, glass machinery, pipeline machinery, petroleum drilling, power machinery, etc.

Multiple functions, different layout forms, and different application ranges. When the work quota fluctuates, you can contact the home model of the machine tool track to achieve timely on-site debugging and low failure rate.

Faster speed, more convenient operation, user-friendly, and low reception costs. Because the business is convenient to use, basic contact with users can be made, and the cost is relatively low

Good protection, with equipment circulation department and equipment management system. When using our company, we should ensure our own quality, good performance, flatness, and disclose any public information to avoid significant internal audit bias.

Before going down, we first refer to the general engineering textbooks and strictly supervise the operation in accordance with laws and regulations, rules and regulations.

● Equipment for receiving and receiving incoming materials, and handling methods such as prohibiting materials from being placed on the assembly line, material cards, and work order shaking X-ray expression;

The above external saw lines have been specially designed. What do you know about large workpieces such as saw frames, wire frames, straight edge machines, and bending machines?

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