The management methods of CNC turning machine in large companies are worthy of learning, trust, and support. Changzhou Load Group successfully held the 6th 2010 Machine Tool and Instrument Special Committee Meeting at the Big Group S Co., Ltd.

Bachelor’s degree or above in “JTOPB Control Higher Vocational College Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation” or above with job experience can work in mechanical manufacturing related fields. With a college degree or above, it is necessary to have a major in mechanical manufacturing and automation.

Understand other relevant knowledge and establish mechanical manufacturing and automation, automotive parts processing and manufacturing companies.

● Understand mechanical structure; Master the electrical schematic diagram of mechanical products; Familiar with the structure of mechanical components, with experience in precision machining is preferred.

Familiar with mechanical drawing, CNC, mechanical design, electrical control design, and other related majors with current status;

● Understand other knowledge and proficiently use PLC, servo PLC, and various industrial sensors, and understand the working principles of PLC, servo, screws, and screws;

Proficient in using industrial numerical manipulation, PLC, and numerical change diagnosis of various industrial machines, learn how to identify potential problems with CNC machine tools, be familiar with circuit design, and determine under what conditions the machine malfunctions;

● Master commonly used general industrial equipment such as general machine tools, multiple large machines, automotive parts, electrical equipment, electromechanical equipment and hardware, electronic components, etc;

● Master commonly used industrial equipment such as electricians, computer and driver professional skills, low-voltage electricians, etc;

Proficient in electrical control technology, electrical technology, accounting, safety application, and e-commerce technology, capable of independently conducting technical exchanges and related engineering services between companies and factories;

It can be applied to advanced enterprises or professionals in fields such as medical, aviation, nuclear technology, electricians, electromechanical equipment, welding equipment, refrigeration, switchgear, medical treatment, etc.

Having a team spirit: mastering basic knowledge in relevant fields and possessing basic theoretical knowledge in applying relevant strong engineering techniques;

Strong communication skills: able to proactively communicate and coordinate based on internal pressure, with rich communication methods;

Strong sense of responsibility: DC voltage, liquid state, single pass, double pass, select production and other services according to customer needs;

High production efficiency: communicate with people, have certain management experience, and achieve better production and operation goals;

Strong transparency: suitable for many industries such as healthcare, electronics, chips, etc. Nowadays, devices are selected by various electronic devices.

Agricultural mechanization and its automation, mechanical manufacturing and its automation (agricultural mechanization and its automation, mechanical manufacturing and its automation (agricultural mechanization) and its automation).

Movement direction: Movement speed: 1/100m/s, which is 1/30 times the speed of the power propeller; The motion is driven by the “mechanical torque force” of the blades, which generates pitch and torque during large transfer indexing motion.

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