Skill improvement: CNC boring mill flow rate can be easily operated into equipment 46. Training on what UG Powermill is.

The protection level has been improved, and rust detection has been isolated, which can prolong the accuracy of protection and improve the accuracy of protection.

Using a non clearance helical gear rack transmission structure, the Z-axis ball screw is directly connected with a servo motor to ensure that the screw and motor are not separated, achieving high transmission accuracy.

Using torque design, the Z-axis ball screw transmission structure and machine tool structure are coordinated and consistent with the same size pyramid shaped transmission structure. The front end of the X/Z-axis ball screw has four roller cages, and the pyramid ball cage is effectively connected to the outer frame of the machine body, ensuring that the screw and motor are free from spacing, and the transmission torque is significantly reduced, achieving the effect of human-machine cooperation.

Replace the ball screw, and use an automatic lubrication system for the bearings of the X/Y/Z axes to ensure the axial and radial stiffness of the machine tool, reliable interchangeability of the screw, and the running speed of the ball screw.

The CNC system adopts the latest CNC systems such as Guangshu Kandi, equipped with corresponding hardware (PLC) systems and software to control the various processing efficiency of the machine tool, ensuring the machining accuracy and consistency of the machine tool, and meeting customer requirements.

Different numbers and user requirements can be selected by the user for non-standard customization. Non standard customization is in the error position of the meta customer, and non-standard data cannot be used by the same user.

Secondly, before ordering, determine the orientation of knives, non-standard knives, and blades according to the requirements of the product manual. Then, install relevant operation buttons, coolant, chip conveyor, etc. according to regulations. The placement orientation of various knife materials, tool magazine orientation, and other positions should be consistent with the equipment orientation of the original facility.

At the same time, it is necessary to check the cycle processing time of various types of machine tools and whether the various states of the cycle machine tools are normal. To classify a large number of metal products.

In order to improve the processing efficiency and accuracy of complex and irregular products, process personnel have been seeking more efficient and precise processing methods. Various common functional characteristics of turning and milling composite processing equipment. With the different objects, processes, and programming methods being improved, its emergence is also a solution.

For non-metallic parts that can be processed with hard alloys and ceramics, the selection of natural cutting tools can be both internal and external. For rough machining of non-metallic materials, the higher the processing strength of metal parts, the more effective the hard alloy cutting tool is for machining non-metallic materials. Selected precision machining tools,

Turning and milling composite CNC turning machine can achieve efficient and high-precision milling, greatly improving production efficiency. CNC turning and milling composite machine tools automatically process the processed parts according to a pre programmed processing program

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