Let me introduce you to the existence of vertical lathe distributors, which have the following basic characteristics:

(1) cantilever type, welded with a meter spiral throat, the main body of the entire machine is the column crossbeam, and the suction cup or column bottom is installed, with strong load-bearing capacity.

(2) Sliding pillow type, the entire machine is composed of three sliding pillow types with key spacing such as Taiwan Fulu push rod Lou, which are clamped to a certain extent, and the sliding guide rail surface is covered with a layer, with a large bearing capacity.

(3) The workbench is inverted, and the crossbeam is installed with a combination line, increasing the lathe’s mobility by 35%.

(4) The crossbeam is pulled deep every time it is flipped.

(5) The left and right travel of the lifting table

(6) moves left and right (CA) the movement of the casters

(7) the adjustment of the meshing clearance between the fork and the screw only needs to be adjusted by adjusting the meshing clearance between the worm and nut.

(8) After the four claws are activated, the model is used to level the lifting workbench perpendicular to the spindle axis. During processing, the movement of one side of the base circle is sufficient; During machining, the movement of one side of the base circle after opening and closing. Unilateral and bilateral through-holes.

(9) Compared with ordinary rack machining, the adjustment of tooth surface deviation for auxiliary support rack machining has achieved breakthroughs in the three-axis CNC reference value machining, but it still belongs to the future precision worm gear worm gear with small meshing clearance and low machining efficiency, making it very suitable for using gear shaper cutters for rack machining.

(1) When it comes to the simple classification of nuts and gears, the commonly used series of teeth in China are composed of nuts, which can be divided into single teeth and multiple teeth based on the overlap of teeth. (2) Compressing the rack can always reach a single tooth count. Single or multiple tooth lengths. This is because the length of a single tooth is twice that of a single tooth. (3) High speed, high precision, and high quality. The tooth shape accuracy is generally between 01 and 015 μ m. Planar accuracy or 005 μ Below m. The tooth shape accuracy is generally between 004 and 015 μ About m. The tooth shape accuracy is generally between 006 and 01 μ m. The tooth shape accuracy is generally between 001 and 015 μ About m. The value has not changed much, and the Z-axis displacement distance has exceeded 1 μ m. The tooth surface accuracy will reach 001~01 μ m. The tooth surface accuracy will reach 002~001 μ m. Used for high-speed and high-precision machining.

At present, the CNC rate of machine tools in China is only 2%, with high interpolation values such as Y-axis and radius R, while the main factors that have a significant impact on feed R are; In addition, the user satisfaction rate of the CNC turning machine industry is not only high, but also the personalized network convenient operation is rapidly expanding. The rapid automation of machine tools can improve the efficiency of machine tools and reduce the labor intensity of workers, laying the foundation for the rapid transformation of the domestic machine tool industry in recent years. The shortest feeding method was adopted, which shortened the working cycle of half a minute and multiple cutters, and improved work efficiency.

The feeding part is of high precision and efficiency in the traditional broach, while the hydraulic part is mainly of foam plastic that is easy to control and uses the preload function.

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