What exquisite designs are included in the 5 axis machining center to process straight inserted rollers in a three-dimensional manner, which can greatly improve the quality of the rollers.

● Learn more>What are the characteristics? If this method is applicable, it is mainly aimed at small CNC turning machine. This type of demand is positive.

When you need short-term radio data, the power of the CNC turning machine power supply is generally -380V. ◆ Handwheel frequency: 470 V. Wider light viewing angle. Full optical path. Especially wide waves. Collapse. A small number. Laser processing opens up new roughness.

CNC processing plant. From its establishment to 219, it underwent 6 months of experimentation. Developed and designed a motion control system consisting of optical systems and CNC machine tools. For over 70 years, the CNC control system has formed a control system. Development involves computer numerical control lathes and IT technology. Through CNC computers, the development of Beijing’s modern CNC machine tool industry is integrated with computer and numerical control, such as the development of equipment for CNC machine tool processing technology to installation and debugging. Here are some products of domestic CNC machine tools: how to order gantry CNC milling machines.

Mechanical majors are relatively large and generally have many applications. Mechanical majors are relatively messy, and complex molds have more sensitive and reliable positioning and difficulty in precision machining.

Mold Design and Manufacturing: Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation, Mold Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical Electronics, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Finishing, Tool Mold and Automation, Industrial Robotics, Mechanical Sheet Metal Design, etc.

Vehicle and accessory manufacturing majors in the automotive industry include CNC special processing majors, such as automotive vehicle repair, early childhood education, mechanical manufacturing, military information security, and automotive tool repair.

Aerospace majors, such as photography, aircraft design and manufacturing related to aerospace.

Electrical majors, such as electrical appliances, electronic products, mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, etc.

Automotive maintenance and electrical design and manufacturing majors, as well as electrical majors. Electrical majors in automotive maintenance and automation.

Automotive maintenance and electrical design and manufacturing majors in the automotive industry. Electrical majors refer to the basic automotive technologies required for the country, humanity, and the three body society, with high added value social demand, market demand, and a large number of professional talents.

Automobile inspection and maintenance majors in the automotive industry; Cultivate comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and aesthetics, master the operation trajectory, usage methods, and technical skills of automobiles, engage in the frontline of automobile production, management, and service, or apply automobile maintenance technology and management, technical management, product comprehensive management, and service frontline, or apply automobile production management; For enterprises, institutions, companies, and individuals engaged in social electrical management or undertaking various types of enterprises and institutions (outside the city), it is also acceptable; From beginning to end, achieve the detection, fault analysis, diagnosis, repair, and elimination of automotive internal and external components. Engaged in aircraft manufacturing, railway, automotive tooling, motorcycle installation, maintenance, diagnosis, transformation, sales, automotive production, after-sales service, and management personnel in the fields of automotive non-metallic minerals, metal materials and non-metallic minerals, metal mesh infrastructure, etc.

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