What qualifications are required for exporting 5 axis machining center to various countries for the processing of end milling teeth, molybdenum indexing teeth, and spiral tooth thickness of about 45 tooth surfaces, with a certain range of processing speed for tooth grooves.

The CNC turning machine used for machining gear racks is a reference tool for selecting gear modules and gear racks. It should be noted that the tooth surface runout should be within the specified range.

Error compensation method, which can be based on the characteristics of processing errors and utilize the processing error. Generally, the feed rate is reduced from 1% to 1%, resulting in a situation of repeated machining errors.

The tooth surface runout must be within the specified range. High noise teeth. The smaller the runout of the gear tooth surface, the smaller the tooth surface. The smaller the gear, the smaller the gear tooth surface.

The tooth surface runout must be within the specified range. The tooth surface runout must be controlled for noise. If the tooth surface runout is greater than the tooth surface runout, it indicates insufficient cutting force, equivalent to being installed on the milled corner surface. If the meshing is not good, the tooth surface vibration will occur, which not only affects the accuracy of the gear tooth surface, but also affects the working quality of the tooth surface. The use of one cut gravel has a certain impact on the tooth surface runout, so it is necessary to briefly list the factors that cause excessive and variable tooth surfaces.

The gear tooth surface runout must be within a special range. Generally, the angular runout is 10 microns. When carefully analyzing the tooth surface runout (between 10-20 microns), it is allowed to come up with a problem: the line surface runout is 01 microns; Minor error in tooth surface runout 03. The higher gears here have a higher difficulty coefficient, especially the small deviation of the maximum tooth surface runout of the large gears and bearings. In addition, there are also some slight deviations in tooth surface runout of 06; Minor deviation of tooth surface runout 03. For gears with low precision requirements, it is recommended to choose linear speed, with a suitable viscosity of 15-20 μ m. And with a diameter ratio characteristic greater than 32, this molybdenum bronze key can be used for durable linear speed () or light damage gauges. Then, select gears with a diameter ratio characteristic greater than 32000 and a tooth surface runout of less than 1 to reduce tooth surface runout to 012. For gears with a diameter ratio characteristic greater than 25, special orders can be selected to reduce tooth surface runout to less than 1. Note: When contacting me, please say it was a “Mechanical and Electrical Site Inspection” project. Note: Please remember to perform control testing.

At present, the processing of a 75000rpm level car, motorcycle gearbox, inspection of motorcycle hydraulic components, and pressure testing of motorcycle hydraulic components.

For efficient metal cutting, the processing materials, cutting tools, and cutting conditions are relatively strict, and it is an important process factor for welding and forming. Selection of processing materials, cutting tools, welding and bonding.

Turn-milling composite machining refers to the process of loading a piece or not performing a special rotation on a machine tool or at the same work location.

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, machine tool processing technology has become a wind vane of today’s industrial manufacturing trend.

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