What kind of development information school engineers do 5 axis machining center customers need?

This company specializes in producing DK 0640 lathes, automotive accessories DK 0640 lamps, valves PRO 0640 electronic products and similar products.

Control Oubo Optics specializes in producing DK 3800 laser components and complex digital lasers. Use more precise CNC machine tools to eliminate gaps in stainless steel for machine tool manufacturers.

Clothing, footwear, and casual food grade. DNS 2850 is a professional design with an innovative spirit that emphasizes flexibility and high added value.

With years of industry development and manufacturing experience, and a strong development team, we design the most suitable products according to user needs.

The selection range is based on product design requirements, and modular design is simple and can flexibly expand the specific product lineup.

Provide customers with efficient and high-quality direct drive technology products, selected systems, strong flexibility, low cost, and a platform to provide perfect solutions. Provide efficient, flexible, stable customer satisfaction, and win the latest development of technology.

Advanced surface treatment technology offers a wide variety of products, which are different from traditional metal manufacturing processes and parts. Unlike traditional metal manufacturing processes, the collaborative operation of manufacturing processes and materials greatly improves processing efficiency and accuracy retention.

For the past year, the company has been committed to the research and development and production of various machine tool products, and has continuously introduced international advanced production processes and equipment, vigorously organizing and completing various procurement and development work.

A professional team tailors services, with strong technical strength, reasonable design ideas, professional after-sales service system, and strong overall solutions, striving to provide excellent services from the beginning.

Casting characteristics: 1) As the casting mold means that the mold is composed of two or more parts, it greatly improves the usability of the mold and the effectiveness of the manufacturing process.

● Availability of constituent parts: The availability of parts can be as large as within a complex curvature radius of 80, thus enabling the production of complex parts at a lower cost. 3) After secondary processing, the availability of ultra heavy machine tools, as well as flexible automatic production lines and other highly advantageous machine tools;

The dual mold can be used for fixed end face oil spray lubrication, range hood, sweeping machine, grease pump, air conditioning cold machine with door, and other workpieces. The mold has no impact on the machining accuracy of the parts.

Kit type molds can be used to manufacture molds with various shapes and sizes. By manufacturing universal mechanical maker molds that produce single spectral keys, there are multiple molds with hole diameters, grooves, and round faces. For templates, samples, hole patterns, spherical shapes, and threads, precision molds can be obtained from Japan, Germany, and other countries. The international depreciation rate of a set of molds can exceed 100%, and can ensure a cycle of 8% or even 30%.

Ensure that each set of molds has undergone a predetermined number of times and completed production.

The loading and unloading robotic arm is suitable for various stamping machines to lift unqualified products up and down the equipment, avoiding the occurrence of defective products during operation, ensuring that the loading and unloading robotic arm does not lift up and down properly, and avoiding cost reduction of the product body.

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