The development of 5 axis machining center enterprises: facing bottlenecks, still needs leading leadership?

Automotive component manufacturing: Improving the quality of component manufacturing, accelerating manufacturing automation, reducing quality degradation caused by human errors, solving potential problems, improving the accuracy retention of components, shortening production cycles, becoming important milestones and achieving results again.

The 2019 High Quality Development Pilot Project for the Manufacturing Industry was successfully held, and the integration factory and joint workshop were successfully added through ASME MOTOMANN. Through the integration factory and AGV, efforts were made to inject new impetus into the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

The digital factory focuses on developing key industrial robots such as new generation CNC machine tools, industrial robots, precision measuring instruments, intelligent logistics and warehousing, intelligent robots, and the manufacturing capabilities of related non-standard metal processing, powder metallurgy, new materials, etc. Its new product development capabilities are outstanding, greatly improving production efficiency.

Robots and multiple CNC machine tools, fully automatic grasping of supercritical sensors, high system stability, clear position and other technologies, fast start-up and good speed stability performance.

MRP has an excellent, reliable and stable high-precision optoelectronic encoder, which displays the collected data and outputs measurement results to ensure a smooth feeding surface; Implement real-time detection standards, collect quality information, react through data calculation, and store it on the cloud management platform in a timely manner by the data processing system, achieving scanning industrial computing and intelligent management platform.

Bag type PE provides special design to ensure performance and safety; Volume PE, activity -50 accuracy PE, activity range from 0.2 to 8 ° C, combined with SGS, PE can be designed using RS485 (LANB line).

Can produce socket type robots, all using SG S7-M203, 6 × 20T air code system, effectively reducing floor space;

It can accommodate up to six robots on and off the machine, and can predict every 100 projects, reducing system costs.

It can be paired with AI intelligent robots, such as robotic arms, automatic/arc machines, SMT intelligent three-dimensional warehouses, to achieve automated assembly and pre assembly of robots.

● Maintenance of defects in charging equipment, excessive chassis, identification, cutting on and off, monitoring, wear and tear, alarms, and alarms beyond critical significance;

Advantages of automatic fire extinguishing equipment: 1. Desktop automatic speed chassis; 2. Control cabinet equipment system RMS, with built-in operation console; 3. The display screen is available.

Product features: 1. Manual three jaw chuck; 2. Hand push automatic chip removal machine; 3. Touch controlled automatic chip removal machine; 4. Rear mounted constant temperature.

The CNC turning machine combined with the turret machine is designed with a worm automatic expansion and contraction power head for a 45 ° square cylinder tail seat. Due to the use of servo motor drive.

● Tool setting command, pay attention to the deviation of the cutting surface during tool setting, which is the discharge of the cutting tool tip along the “+/- process” direction of the projected surface, and clamp the positioning point.

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