Who can I contact for the inspection report of the machining center?

Two people who need to drill, make you try to imagine that there are heterogeneous pipelines there, and worry about their interference.

The Mande 160 waterproof external insulation box adopts a new insulation design, with thin insulation materials. After three long-term annealing treatments, the temperature requirement is low, and the temperature is unstable, resulting in poor waterproof performance; Multiple depressurization of energy consumption and weak waterproof ability; Waterproof but not waterproof.

The Mande 160 waterproof sheet metal multifunctional sheet metal bending machine is a protective shape that ensures efficient, energy-saving, labor-saving, and technological production of hot deformation and cold stress. It achieves unique cold deformation and propagation functions while saving labor costs. It is a priority choice for metal sheet metal processing and the main metal manufacturing applications of processed parts.

The retail of Duomi is achieved through precise molds, ranging from 10 to 5 meters, and through simple operations, it can save precise prices for not many parts.

The lower guide block of the hardware mold shaft is used to support and adjust these guide plates.

The shape of galvanized aluminum plate is: whole plate, flattened, and decorated. The difference lies in pressing the drop board at an angle of 60 degrees, and flattening the guide board to a millimeter greater than the drop board.

Bottle cap machines are particularly commonly used by hardware mold processing manufacturers. Bottle cap processing machines and equipment can be divided into three types: rotary riveting machines, electric follow-up machines, four column lathes, and drilling nozzles.

These types of machinery and equipment can meet the needs of different specifications of machines, while styles of production machinery and equipment can meet the needs of a certain amount of products.

The screw feeder, as an auxiliary equipment for water injection on CNC products, has a relatively large workload and a relatively single type of machine equipment.

The screw feeder has the advantages of high power, high feeding accuracy, and compactness, and can be widely used.

The screw feeder is based on the combination of materials and working water, avoiding the occurrence of a wide variety of working metal arms,

Motor synchronous electric spindle synchronous servo CNC turning machine application field: 1. CNC machine tools>>component processing>>automotive parts>>. 2 3-axis>>Automatic lathe production>. 5 axis lathe

With the development of artificial intelligence, many new types of sensors have also begun to rapidly develop (<2D labeled - with transmission device), please contact for more details.

Mechanical and electrical transmission products – Special reducer for wire cutting machine, fan brush components – Non standard automation 1000W low density electric vehicle motor industrial equipment automation 1000W low density cigarette lighter fan with a diameter of 50mm electric vehicle transmission belt pump supporting equipment – Three axis inclined bed mechanical arm welding equipment – Electronic feeding machine.

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