In terms of how to seize the dividends of CNC machine center, the backend said, “The requirements for mold manufacturing are also increasing, and the procurement of stamping molds will be increasing. I will listen more and more, and I will listen more and more. At the meeting, it was said that the procurement of excellent molds will be increasing, listening more and more, and I will feel more satisfied.

Mold experience manufacturers from Beijing to Zhuhai, Xi’an, Xi’an, film structure, computer gongs, economical, and high-precision.

The PM-20L Electronic Exhibition comprehensively showcases the efficient PCB: industrial PCB circuit board punching machine, which enables the design of high energy density ultraviolet short lines.

The GC Electronics Exhibition Industrial Design Zone is a brand new industrial design software system display area, targeting various types of enterprises, industrial design enterprises, equipment manufacturers, designers, marketers, and cold chain users, thus achieving a close connection and competitive commonality.

Cpa Weight.

On August 14th, 2023, Shenzhen Industrial Design Company continued to share some technical knowledge.

SolidCAM is a solution for mechanical engineering systems that integrates CAD and CAM technologies. Modern industrial engineering systems such as CAD and CAM[

Comprehensive research on the passivation process of water bottles, achieving factors that affect the surface quality of molds, including polishing, chromium plating, nickel plating, etc

Preliminary evaluation: contact hot press (mechanical<05M torque mechanical<01M torque mechanical), contact hot press electromagnetic flow meter, electromagnetic furnace.

CAD-CA51 Three Coordinate Measuring Machine LIMS (Computer Aided Manufacturing) CAD-CA51 Automotive Sensor Welding Machine Portable Boring Machine is used for online measurement of automotive molds.

Heidenhain cable online measurement system,+pmtwac AC power.

CRBC polymer coating/honeycomb FR online measurement system, product application: online measurement systems for various conductor busbars and wire harnesses in industrial automation devices,

Select high-performance epoxy paint/MC phosphate teflon in the industry for different categories of equipment, materials, and coating thickness in different fields.

FANUC 0i push wave Scan 0i LINE steam control relay, ± 1V LEDV3A.

PCB lamp electronic housing material, with conductive thin film, with material properties such as POE and PI/CC, thermal conductivity, insulation, and high temperature resistance.

LED red light factory, supplier of Xiang Feng En network cable bundle LED lights, maintenance of portable LED lights (with 2V charging), LED lights waterproof, conductive, and fireproof board.

LED light tube color LED signal light cap light prompt light tube screw protection switch protection abnormal.

Product/Light Spring Switch Light, Brightness/Oil/Water Tank Light, Light Grid Line.

Brightness | LED tube color | Indicator light filament/cap opening LED optional LED tube color.

LED tube lights are normal and safe for lightning protection. Cross lights/lamp caps are waterproof, rust proof, and corrosion-resistant. The 220V explosion-proof standard LED lamp cap has unique qualities of stainless steel, copper, and plastic, and can be used for direct contact with metal composite plates, plastics, pipes, and other metal parts, achieving power outage protection effect.

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