Take you to learn about the manufacturer of 5 axis machining center.

High precision machining: Equipped with special devices, precise machining error compensation function, high-precision positioning system and intelligent machining program, achieving high-speed and high-precision machining.

● Online detection: Equipped with sensors, objective lenses, optical sensors, etc., to achieve unmanned, fully automatic switching, and fast online debugging.

Remote real-time processing: equipped with various automated auxiliary facilities, automatically adjusting processing parameters based on processing parameters, reducing the impact of human factors on processing accuracy, and bringing great advantages to part processing.

Manufacturing information: Various control media, materials, and service interfaces have been integrated on CNC machine tools, making it easy to control and protect the quality and efficiency of machine equipment.

High precision machining capability: Through precise machining processes, high-precision machining can be achieved, which can meet the processing requirements of various materials.

Manufacturing information: In addition to producing similar equipment, modern logistics monitoring, sensing, and feedback systems can directly collect massive data on the network, achieve remote monitoring and operation, and effectively improve enterprise production efficiency and product quality.

The use of mobile robots enables remote monitoring and operation, reducing human intervention and operational efficiency.

● Processing capability: Simulate finished products with precise processing and intelligent programs, support remote operations, and improve processing quality and consistency.

In addition, the function of the robot end effector is designed specifically for different industry needs, with strong flexibility. The robot end operators include flame cutting, CNC turning machine loading and unloading, spray painting, etc., and are equipped with robots and detection equipment to achieve precise spray painting quality and consistency.

The above are the installation characteristics of robot end boilers, as well as the installation characteristics of robot end boilers and other auxiliary equipment. According to actual needs, options can be selected such as electrostatic spraying machines, welding smoke purification integrated machines, spray painting assembly lines, spray molding and pressure molding tracking platforms, etc. In addition, the robot end pot uses robot end holding devices to perform multi angle loading and unloading, achieving speed, accuracy, and efficiency in many industries such as food and medicine.

Note: The above picture is a design quotation for the interactive walking mode between the robot end bracket and the robot. Xinyi will introduce the formula to you in great detail.

Robot end loading and unloading, the loading and unloading methods of robots can be divided into three categories based on their functions: additive type, non-standard automation, and load-bearing line type. The motion trajectory given by the robot end, the trajectory given by the robot end, the robot joint swing, the robot uses a stop type graphics card, the robot arm rotates, the robot uses a stop type graphics card, the robot arm moves freely, and other process actions are achieved. The robot supports analog quantities, The robot grasps wear-resistant materials, and the robot arm grasps the periphery. The reduction of robot floor consumption can improve the productivity and achieve the best cooperation in the industry. The aerosol inlet can be selected, customers can spray, and customers can help media news.

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