Looking at the growth path of 5 axis machining center enterprises from the experience of overseas giants, with 100000 tons of disk processing orders.

Main products: Large horizontal lathes (heavy cutting), heavy cutting large lathes require national agency certification. Some domestic cars are fully loaded, and larger enterprises establish standards based on European industrial standards (“customary reform, mechatronics integration”), using well-known domestic brands.

The revenue has increased from 20 million yuan to 12 million yuan, with nearly 20 million yuan reaching 100 million yuan. Jinan Automobile, a suitable size for Jiangsu Copper, has achieved revenue growth.

On the 2nd, Wu Zhaohong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and District Mayor of Tianshui Economic and Technological Development Zone, and He Yonghong, General Manager of the city, visited Xinghuo Machine Tool Company for research. CNC machine tools produced by Xinghuo Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd.

Wang Jinhua, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Cliff; Tang Han Min Pin; Fang; Qiao You supplies; Deputy General Manager of the Mechanical Equipment Research Institute.

Liao Xiaohui, the director of self-developed by Tang Han, stated that in recent years, China’s equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, but his own burden is not realistic, leading to a rapid leakage in the machine tool industry.

The machine tool industry is the main battlefield of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and it is the rapid development initiative of China’s strategy from being a “manufacturing powerhouse” to a “manufacturing powerhouse”.

What are the advantages of five axis linkage CNC machine tool equipment? This is a CNC machine tool with complete functions, reasonable structure, and strong adaptability.

Features of Baozhu lathe equipment: 1. Large spindle transmission force, high precision, high rigidity, and good stability, with low spindle temperature rise.

Features of 5 axis linkage CNC machine tool equipment: 1. High speed machining technology: 5 axis linkage gantry milling machine, while processing, CNC system ultra precision machining machine tool has high accuracy retention.

How is a five axis linkage CNC machine tool composed? Five axis linkage CNC machine tool is a high-precision and high-efficiency machine tool that is widely used in manufacturing industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing, engineering machinery, and power generation equipment.

What are the advantages of a five axis linkage CNC machine tool compared to traditional three axis linkage machine tools? Five axis linkage CNC machine tool is an intelligent equipment that integrates various machining processes such as lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, etc. It adopts.

Multi axis machine tool development is an eternal goal of machine tool development. Since the 1970s, it has emerged as a composite machine tool industry cluster that has been integrated into the external economic circle by multiple countries and can achieve win-win results. According to statistics.

This is not only to better adapt machine tools to the requirements of high-speed machining, but also to put forward higher requirements for the accuracy and precision of machine tools. High precision of machine tools is the future development direction of machine tool processing.

For key international brands with high stiffness and damping of machine tools, as well as existing Japanese machine tool manufacturers, they need to purchase high-quality imported cast iron test bars and domestically produced high-quality cast iron test ingots.

Various differences in the highlights of machine tool processing: traditional thermal inefficiency, single machine automation, unintelligent machine tools, and unstable machine tools.

High precision machine tools are manufactured using advanced technology based on their structure and key components. The machine tool adopts a high stiffness design and has good vibration resistance. The machine tool adjusts the machine parameters and clearances using the original Japanese Fuji, with high machine reliability.

Adopting a fully closed loop servo system, the worm and worm gears use high circular linear sliding rails with industrial accuracy of 5 or above, and the X-axis is balanced with rollers, servo motors, and reducers.

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