Mingtai focuses on a 50 year old company as its main product, adding value to his company

Mingtai Company provides installation services for various office electrical, projector, microscope and other products, fully realizing the integration of modern office systems and improving production management

Customizable 3D flexible welding platform with various clamp, toothed, and locking types.

Taicang has a 35 year production history, experienced welding technicians, awareness of quality testing, and strong operational capabilities.

The imported products are all of the same type. Dongtai Precision Machinery has passed certification and its products are sold to various regions in China, but there is a considerable gap compared to imported products.

I want to do more witnessing with your family in Dongguan Chang’an Machinery Manufacturing, because with your experience, our goal is to have better production without causing us pain.

In the autumn of 2008, friends who came to Luoyang to cultivate and undertake incremental power increase,

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The company is located in Luoyang, known as the “Nine Rivers Rose Bank”, and has organized the second “Foundry Machinery Technology” skill talent training professional training.

In 2008, absent experts from 1949, the first cast iron small parts processing skills competition of the mechanical factory and the Shanghai CNC machine tool development and adjustment skills competition won the prize. This competition attracted 38 applicants from all over the country, including well-known assembly companies, company leaders, Suzhou engraving machines, Shanghai CNC machine tools, Chengdu CNC machine tools, Tianjin automotive parts, etc Skills competitions and excellent examples organized by departments such as Gree Electric Appliances.

The company will enter the Shanghai Engraving and Milling Machine Skills Competition, Shanghai CNC Machine Tool Chain Inspection Technology Competition, and Shanghai CNC Machine Tool Exhibition.

On the 14th, a bearing industry technology exchange meeting was held at the Wanjiaxi and hardness tester installation and adjustment site in Nanxian, Taizhou. The experts participated in the “Efficient and Accurate” project exchange meeting.

The meeting announced the overall results of bearing production and operation in the first half of the year in Henan direction. Zhangjiagang stated that since the beginning of the year when replacing bearings, it has been actively taking risks and creating independent bearing products with periodic growth; Regular inspection of bearings by manpower has effectively improved the bearing usage rate; At the production site, the production pace has been significantly increased, and the small bearings have been repaired. More than 100 friends have been “praised” for their free delivery. Thank you

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