Practical skills for machining center can help you improve the single rate of non linear gear hobbing machines.

Technology sharing: There are various brands of CNC machine tools, and brands are also diverse. Common CNC machine tool brands include horizontal lathe, drilling machine, milling machine, grinding machine, gear processing machine, etc. Relatively speaking, well-known CNC machine tool brands have the following characteristics and characteristics

How to create a CNC machine tool factory, let’s take a look together. You can inquire about the structure and characteristics of CNC machine tools and imagine what they look like. You can inquire about the structure and characteristics of CNC machine tools and imagine what they look like. Study the manual operation mode of CNC machine tools.

CNC machine tools are typical mechatronics integrated products, which integrate various advanced technologies such as microelectronics, computer technology, measurement technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology, and artificial intelligence technology. They are closely combined with machine tool research, green design technology, and advanced manufacturing technology, and are technology intensive and widely used.

China’s manufacturing industry is rapidly developing and becoming an important civilian and automotive manufacturer. As an automotive industry country, China still has a long way to go in terms of talent reserves. As a highly skilled and heavy industrial manufacturing enterprise, we have always been a high-yield and machine oriented enterprise.

Simply put, the concept of CNC machine tools is CNC turning machine, whose biggest feature is the use of turning (milling drilling boring) tools and processing methods for machining. This requires the use of machining programs based on part drawings. And it has expanded from ordinary milling machines to CNC milling machines, and is similar to ordinary milling machines.

Equipped with precise CNC rotary worktable and angle head control; It can work in a narrow pulse width small space, precise axis, and all reverse body machining work within half a lathe.

Three point integrated intelligent manufacturing BVT gearbox, automatic disassembly, automatic indexing lock screw, automatic lubrication, automatic parking, real-time digital gear shifting, and can be wound.

When indexing the lock, it can be stopped at any position of the machine to ensure that the product workpiece, cutting tool, and working part are not loose, thus achieving high machining accuracy and control.

The matching cutting tools enter the collaborative unit of the oil-water separator, and through the cylinder clamp of the cylinder clamp, the spindle box clamping is improved, and the four corners are rotated to achieve high-precision metal cutting.

As long as standard tool handles and tool handles are provided for the functional components of the lathe, the required tools can be selected according to your command requirements. Not only can it achieve machining turning, drilling, and tapping, but it can also provide various installation tool holders, such as tail seat installation tool holders.

Construction solution contact: official website: Cimatron, a manufacturer of Kandi F, has a spindle box aperture of 82mm. Kandi Fad has high-precision spindle measurement technology and high-precision tools. During processing, the workpiece angle, axial runout, and spindle output axial runout can all be within 001mm. On the premise of ensuring quality, it is necessary to ensure that the spindle has no interference, in order to reduce the wear of the spindle box and cutting tools, and shorten the replacement time.

High quality. Flexibility. High processing flexibility. Suitable spindles can be selected based on different processing conditions.

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