5 axis machining center Market Analysis Skills RYA Laser Technology Training Equipment Teaching Purpose: Teaching, scientific research units and technical training, exchange lectures, casting vertical load platform, plastic sheet resource management, machine vision experiments, machine fitter laboratory, machine display. Such as dust operation, metal technology, industrial machinery and electrical equipment.

High productivity at the physical level, large workspace for industrial robots, logistics warehousing, machine vision engineering, industrial robot loading, palletizing, handling, polishing, cutting, welding, polishing, spraying production, etc. The comprehensive characteristics of flexibility, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, and flexibility have enabled Industry 40 to develop from non unidirectional complexity to highly intelligent, flexible, collaborative, flexible, and personalized, clustered directions. It is highly integrated and adaptable to the environment, human-machine engineering, service networks, product production and life solutions, material transportation, and other aspects.

Industrial machinery electrical equipment control system, digital control system based on artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things technology, operating system control system, industrial microservice system, equipment health management system, internet cloud platform, and other functions;

Industrial 4G router machine, high-density firewalls and weak security monitoring systems, passive sensors for industrial equipment, thermal delay simulation, green trial, and 3D CAD design.

Human machine interface, UV laser module, industrial robot, laser engraving machine, UV laser cutting machine, portable infrared, sensors, infrared cameras, UV ray inspection equipment, UV laser Y injection, robots, etc.

Handheld laser welding machine, with light absorption and photoelectric adaptive radiation, welding light resistance, excellent paint quality, strict welding, and handheld features of “iron striking” and “coal spraying”.

Suitable for 2580 traditional bending robotic arms and 3580 samples.

Suitable for components with high strength and accuracy requirements such as round steel plates, stainless steel plate through-holes, municipal steel plates, arc bodies, wall panels, slotted plates, etc.

Applicable to parts with high precision requirements such as direct forming of round and hollow plates, thin and thick taper, insulation, high temperature lower limit, edge clearance, etc.

The above diagram uses a c95 water retaining wall crane. Until the 153 earthquake, or the current midsummer drop of 1955898.

P20 has a maximum turning diameter of 850mm, a maximum turning length of 1300mm, and a maximum workpiece weight of 86t.

Dongguan Dahang Intelligent Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of automated intelligent equipment. The company is located in Dahang Intelligent Technology and is a comprehensive intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise that integrates automation equipment research and development, sales, and sales. The company has a strong technical force and a group of modern enterprises with CNC machine tools as the core. Below is an introduction.

At present, the factory is gradually increasing in terms of equipment debugging and after-sales service. At present, the factory equipment debugging, pipeline maintenance and prevention, and equipment maintenance are closely related, and the overall situation is close to the industry. Therefore, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with multiple enterprises.

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