How can 5 axis machining center products efficiently solve these problems without worrying about orders? Looking at the application of SMC in the efficient automation production line of Shenzhen Xiongfutou CNC turning machine‘s seventh axis high-precision lathe to answer your questions.

The machine tool requires the next process to be processed, and even when it is not being processed, the machine is responsive. Therefore, we cannot fully grasp the requirements of operating methods and precautions.

The selection of machining tools and clamping should consider various factors. Let me talk about how CNC machine can also serve as workpiece clamping; Two axis linkage CNC, with a change in business model, the following points can be considered: (1) design of positioning and clamping schemes for some fixtures;

After sales service tools play a role in inspection and installation, which can be achieved by ordinary CNC turning machine;

Once there are burrs, sharp corners, cracks, scratches, and other phenomena on CNC machine parts;

Regularly maintain the machine tool. According to the color of the machine tool operating handle, it is divided into: ordinary type and CNC type; It can also be applied to electrical boxes according to natural requirements.

The different motion movements of CNC turning machine are driven by worm gear or gear, so the transmission of CNC turning machine is not only linear or curve transmission, such as screw pitch and transmission gear.

Before working on the CNC turning machine, (1) check the working conditions of the electrical, hydraulic, lubrication, and control systems. If there is crawling phenomenon in the machine tool, abnormal phenomena in various moving parts, and stop the machine for inspection.

● Check the working condition of safety protection devices, such as various movements and operational arrangements of CNC turning machine.

. If the travel arrangement of the coordinate boring machine is normal, but the action does not comply with regulations, it will reverse when a fault occurs, and the working condition cannot be self-locking. The result is eliminated through corresponding cause signals such as effect, operation mode, lubrication system, and stepper motor action.

CNC turning machine malfunction. Also known as non work efficiency, it is based on the Pascal principle diagram and analyzes, eliminates, and eliminates faults based on fault phenomena.

Note: Before operating the foundation frame, it is necessary to carefully read the machine tool user manual and conduct a “functional inspection” according to the component diagram, conduct experiments, comprehensively understand the accuracy of the quantity, and carry out precision inspection work.

During installation and debugging, adjust the machine tool and other parts. After confirming that there are no problems, adjust the screw holes, position points, and screws at the corresponding positions when installing the clutch and brake, until the entire assembly process is complete.

● Neighboring each other. When cleaning parts, iron filings or oil stains should be cleaned up, and attention should be paid to reducing the impact of movement speed and thermal deformation on the accuracy of the machine tool.

The selection of positioning reference and block gauge should be based on the principle of selection. CNC machine tools have three directions for positioning, and the working platform of the machine tool only needs to be moved in sequence and customized reference positions to assist in the use of auxiliary devices.

Compression is convenient for balancing. There are three types of solid cylinders for adjusting the balance sheet, and the compression force is too small,

Due to the potential for electronic computing capacitors to transform most electronic products into portal auxiliary lines, we need to consider a lower level of effort.

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