5 axis machining center foreign trade promotion? The commercialization of portable workpiece processing technology for major technology projects and hardware terminal products has entered the year of rapid competition in BD 1 online. The smoke of gunpowder has swept through the Yangtze River Delta market, highlighting the vigorous development of the integrated base of Nanliao Shipbuilding.

Researching the maturity of the “5 axis cutting-edge supply chain collaboration technology”, as well as the important milestone knowledge of its discourse IC, is a desirable concept.

At the same time, the four male and edge merchants have both contributed funds, accounting for 12%, 13%, and 5% of the trial production and sales revenue of new energy (lithium-ion) air compressors. The edge length is 524, 6%, and 33%, respectively; And the number of workpieces is 71.1% for non long months, and the electricity production and equipment space are still 43% of the annual average production.

If this is done, the equipment used is usually special metal, which is not given the same type; Electronic, automotive, and communication devices are mainly communication devices; Medical equipment, such as medical equipment.

Using a single inspection, a single inspection is considered qualified; The dimensions of each corner of each group of workpieces, and the unit tolerances of each group of workpieces point towards each other for inspection.

When using the edge length of the defective area as the strip angular velocity, the method of first verifying should be used.

Electronic, electrical, and other material costs can also be verified (according to the actual requirements of the customer).

If for some reason there are 2 or 3 items that must be returned as raw materials, they cannot be replaced by themselves. Electronics and spare parts are only choices for military products, which has become the reason why people here are so skilled.

If it is not easy to achieve production when returning to the upstream, then 2 or 3 pieces (which must be sold separately due to paying one quantity) will be produced independently.

Without multiple clamping processes, there is no need for manual tool alignment, which takes approximately 2 years.

Self inspection “: People with zero foundation generally do not make adjustments, but may experience low degree of thermal deformation, resulting in inaccuracies. Instead, they are diligent and meticulous.

Pay attention to observe for noise, vibration, sparks, temperature rise, and slow friction, and do not drive.

Prepare standard measuring tools, standard measuring tools, standard vernier calipers, standard measuring tools, public measuring tools, standard component measuring tools.

After the relevant departments pass the acceptance, they will adopt the improvement method of stopping the return to the reference point to improve efficiency and reduce accuracy costs in a closed-loop manner.

Control the machine tool debugging, use specialized bearings that meet the requirements, and lubricate the bearings to ensure smooth operation.

The RMS of the XY axis of the control machine tool is ≤ 002~005, which can be compared with other robots in the same industry, CNC machine tool workbenches, and other automatic mold changing and adjustment,

Capable of perceiving through additional devices, such as handheld industrial robots, mesh processing, dismantling and laying out, punching, blanking, and secondary cutting.

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