The machining center industry has entered a new cycle, and international giants have made significant changes by adhering to new development concepts, shifting from producing precision automotive parts to producing precision optical parts.

For example, Germany proposed “in 2016, using sleeve shaped positioning and extremely high design standards for preparation technology, this preparation molding machine has achieved subversive positioning preparation”. In 2006, VTH developed a sleeve level fatigue design, completely replacing manual calculation.

Engage in and implement the “Processing Technology and Outsourcing” High tech Industrial Internet Innovation Design Award and the “Gold Supply Joining” initiative, actively promote the “collaboration, innovation and empowerment” work of advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and digital twins, go all out to “empower professionalism” work, implement the “AGI” and “AGI Intelligent Service Platform”, and execute the “Shenzhen+Intelligent Equipment Innovation Work Plan” Cross vision, helping to improve the quality assurance efficiency of precision manufacturing experts, and gathering efficient and intelligent organizations for material requisition personnel, helping advanced manufacturing and other industrial intelligent equipment achieve higher technological innovation and active docking.

● Parallel process oriented. Determine the required fluid and volume.

Integrate and initiate process design. Determine industries with a certain range of specifications such as “design”, “process, equipment, information”, and “automation”, and allocate and eliminate various engineering elements (materials, main infrastructure) in a timely manner; Wisdom in manufacturing should be based on the same target.

Promote industrial interconnection. Establish an enterprise resource plan and carry out intensive cooperation.

Each process generates creativity and symbiotic participation. There are differences in the design of every detail.

Intelligent manufacturing is also becoming a model for the manufacturing industry. Intelligent equipment will introduce more complex, intelligent, and efficient manufacturing models into the manufacturing industry, and all production processes and businesses will be upgraded from one project to one by intelligent manufacturing services.

Just like the development of Xinghe Lianfu Hengyuan. Brand exhibition areas, industrial equipment, civil engineering, industrial gas and industry, and establishing multiple industrial clusters in China for assessment.

If it’s not the automotive industry, it’s time to look for manufacturing execution, which is a huge contribution achieved through the use of information.

If you need to collaborate with industrial equipment and machines in this guide, your goal is successful collaboration.

The DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo, the international exhibition hub of DMP technology, is the power generation project of Zhitong New Energy, which is increasingly attracting the attention of ABB Group and major shareholders.

DMP Intelligent Internet of Things – Industrial equipment and technology (connectivity, including learning, relay, differential, No) assist each other to achieve digital and information-based output, providing strong support for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

DMP WPS – Smart IoT helps enterprises expand their products into the global market.

From the “DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo” to the global exhibition hub of “Industry 40”, we are constantly emerging, with tens of thousands of domestic and foreign customers evaluating us, and tens of thousands of professional and technical personnel gathering with peers such as XCMG Group and Makino to explore the world, creating potential digital connectivity for products, markets, and source enterprises, and providing global intelligence.

As an AI edge intelligent 5G industrial cloud platform, it integrates core intelligent equipment such as core technology, cloud computing, big data, and edge intelligent equipment to achieve applications such as edge intelligent management of industrial equipment, intelligent logistics management, and equipment operation and maintenance services.

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