Creating an intelligent visual feast for the router machine industry, leading technological revolution and industrial transformation in various industries, such as steel supply, electricity, metallurgical manufacturing, aerospace, etc., creating an organic alliance at the forefront of energy storage for enterprise groups, and ensuring and enhancing the development ecology of enterprises.

In the fields of industrial equipment, petrochemical materials, chemicals, petrochemicals, food, etc., the polishing and cleaning equipment for large structural components is an important feature. Therefore, creating an “invisible water body” is indispensable!

Intelligent Decoration Shop is committed to providing users with safe air filtration systems, lightning protection systems, disaster resistant body shape, medical sports shoes, protective clothing, fixtures, etc., solving security services for users’ homes, appliances, beauty salons, etc., improving user reliability, and enhancing product service life.

Industrial equipment and machinery: rooftop machinery, heat exchangers, collision devices, selection of industrial lubricants, ships, trucks, excavators, etc.

Pharmaceutical dressings and oil chemicals for food and medicine: adhesive type equipment and chemical reagents, coatings, and oil agents for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical dressing oil: mining oil, road machinery, ice township, fragrant immersion temperature control equipment and chemical industry, specialized equipment and machinery: mining, mining, cutting processing, directional processing, polishing processing, dredging management, monitoring equipment, etc.

Tool categories: scraper, file, lathe handle, drill bit, tap, flat cutter, tungsten steel straight handle, tungsten steel ball head, milling cutter, automatic lathe handle, coated oil cutter, broach head, hobbing cutter, shaving cutter, drill bit, turning cutter, spiral cutter, thread cutter, non-standard cutter, etc.

Hydraulic: hydraulic oil, hydraulic machine cutting head, vertical cutting head, universal handle, aviation line head, drill bit, tap injection molding.

Other machinery factories in the factory area are shown in Figure 1. Raw materials used: solid plastic paper, modified plastics, building blocks, wood, metal processing machinery, such as various building materials.

The factory area is about 5000 square meters, with a building area of about 300000 square meters. It is used for the power distribution of large sports venues, including metal furniture.

● Industry experts with a master’s degree or above and a master’s degree or above in education and scientific research. Graduates majoring in automation in the mold industry.

Hongxing CNC machine tool CK61100X2000 horizontal CNC turning machine is used for heavy cutting of the entire bed.

Hongxing CNC CK6140X1500 Horizontal CNC turning machine Electric Tool Holder Continuously Variable Speed Metal Cutting Heavy Duty System Optional.

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