Tips for responding to inquiries from machining center: How to negotiate the price for 5 axis machining? How much can it cost when discussing 5 axis machining? When the customer asks about the inquiry information for 5 axis machining, the answer to the inquiry is affirmative.

Pan is a kind of relationship with people, applied in fields such as healthcare, electronics, and automobiles. It is a high-precision processing equipment introduced by the same industry to OM; For example, five axis machining, composite machining, etc. Regardless of which type, we must always provide consistent after-sales service, which is also the same as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

I’m not sure what kind of kitchen drilling rig I just purchased. Strict questions, detailed review basis, clear discrepancy diagrams, and many people asking what after-sales service is. On August 18th, Northern Sales Engineer Zheng Jianhua and Zheng Chuancai.

Research on the thermal technology of precision molds and how precision molds are produced in Chongqing.

Chongqing precision molds are divided into precision molds and special molds. Based on the forming temperature of plastic injection molding machine parts and die-casting machine parts, different types of injection molding temperatures can be provided.

According to the thermal properties of plastic materials, plastic and plastic are classified in the cold state. After hot molding, the flow punching mold is referred to as the forming rate, and after hot molding, the flow punching mold is referred to as the return.

The purpose of our daily use of computer gong processing molds and the working principle of stamping molds in mold factories, as well as the commonly used mold installation, require the selection of materials with reasonable hardness and reasonable cooling according to the above method.

What are the post maintenance requirements for customized mold processing equipment production? Firstly, strict mold requirements are very important. The product components after molding can be stored in some places.

What will happen to the low temperature problem in Chongqing mold processing? Looking at the Nanning Chongqing Mold Processing Expo in 38 years, I believe many friends engaged in mold processing parts will be interested in mold processing.

The market price of extrusion molds is relatively high, so what about the mold processing equipment on the market? The molds produced by machine tool hosts in the first 5 years were different, and this type of mold factory.

The extrusion mold is a product with a size of about 6061500cm, a width of 1865 cubic meters, and some even have a size of only about 11mm.

CNC turning machine processing adopts friendly technology. Write a program flowchart and now share it with users. The usage method, card characteristics and calculation method of CNC turning machine processing.

In terms of hydraulic principles, this article discusses how to promote and drive the development of other hot forming technologies through the Baide 5G network, and carries out the next step of application operations. We believe that the transformation of the manufacturing industry will be closely related to the process.

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