Take you to understand the CEO of vertical lathe manufacturing industry with a score of 600: continuous torque increase small diameter linear slide mechanism.

vertical lathe and CNC vertical lathe are well-known to many people, but what are their differences? Are they the same as ordinary lathes? Let’s briefly analyze them below! An ordinary lathe relies on gears and ordinary screw nuts for transmission. Due to the presence of gaps between each motion pair and inaccurate manual operation, the repeatability accuracy is low. Ordinary lathes require manual measurement after parking, resulting in significant measurement errors and low efficiency. Suitable for small batches, low precision requirements, and miscellaneous parts. It has a lower investment compared to CNC, but requires higher operating skills from workers, resulting in a higher salary level. The waste source rate and productivity of low-level workers can be a headache for you.

The CNC series CNC turning machine is an economical, practical, and reasonably priced machining machine that can be used to process various shapes of disc parts, and can automatically complete the processing of various complex parts at once.

It is a high-precision, high-efficiency, and low-cost small CNC turning machine with diverse processing functions and good accuracy stability. It is not only good at processing non-ferrous metals, but also performs excellently in processing alloy steel and stainless steel parts. The emergence of CNC turning machine has greatly shortened processing time. CNC precision lathe parts customization is a small-scale CNC turning machine production technology in the market.

● Competitiveness: Due to the relatively large number of parts CNC machine industries in China, the CNC machine technology of lathes is relatively stable, but the advanced mechanical equipment processing technology used is still relatively high. We hope that the precision of parts for adjustment, pliers, milling, grinding, and turning is stable and not prone to changes.

High processing efficiency: Modern CNC machine tools, due to their advanced technology and strict quality inspection, can achieve long-term high-precision machining due to their multi axis ultra precision motion, short processing time, and high efficiency.

● Complex shape and high precision: Metal parts are prone to defects during processing, and there are obvious defects. Defective parts may require heat treatment or even secondary processing.

High difficulty of work: requires a large amount of processing and manufacturing, and it is difficult for complex mechanics to process and manufacture parts

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