Let me introduce you to the distributors of gantry mills: cost limitations, size and weight limitations of the MS20 series rolling mills, small slide ways for the head and neck rod stroke of the MS22 series rolling mill with heavy pressure material storage, piston slide way slots, release pin slide way holes, and various sediment items.

AS9100 horizontal lathe, economical left and right bridge lathe, B5200A horizontal lathe, two end model around the table column, using Taiwan Chengtai lathe and TX611 series horizontal lathe.

With over 30 years of precision machining experience and strong technical strength, we are proficient in the manufacturing and processing of large-scale precision equipment, with a processing range of up to 31 meters. We have our own production plant and a large number of imported equipment from Japan, such as machine tools, milling machines, and grinders, with a processing accuracy of ± 0005mm, solving the problem of large-scale precision equipment processing for customers.

Multiple key technologies have surpassed the strong alliance of internationally renowned brands, creating an advanced technological foundation for domestic and international peers. The product performance is superior, and production is strictly in accordance with international standards. Through strict inspection by some excellent management personnel from multiple companies, the product quality is guaranteed.

Chengtai Group’s 2018 “Outstanding Employees” Summary Conference.

Analysis of outstanding management personnel from various regions with constantly changing industrial models and expanding innovative measures of group size.

This website reprints the non-standard customization of the internet, with a hundred media outlets closely following the gathering of Wenzhou’s 30 intelligent industries, collaborating with more excellent production and competition capabilities, and actively launching industries with different themes.

On the morning of the 19th, multiple institutional units such as Su Yashuai, Huang Weijun, and Liu Shengjun jointly established Xinhua Jiangsu 30 Intelligent Manufacturing Digital Chemical Plant Construction Company and an assembly factory, with close cooperation with nearly 150 fitters and sheet metal machine groups, greatly improving the form of the project.

On the morning of the 29th, the 2023 Zhejiang “Tongxin Tongying” Wei 3222 High Quality Industrial Development Competition organized by He Tian, Deputy General Manager of Wuji Group, for Jiangsu Provincial Human Resources Group was successfully held.

When entering the Baoyu Aluminum Door and Window Intelligent Factory to build a talent college for party building joint training, both parties were not fully aware of whether our CNC machine tools could be successfully and normally tested.

Pinghu District cultivates a comprehensive practice area for cultivating multifunctional talents along the five axes, with technological innovation and application charm as the main area.

In recent days, Ye Xue has been working in various industrial occupational groups and autonomous regions in various provinces and cities.

Integrate circular “rule” thinking, standardize rules, rules and regulations, and comply with institutional approaches. The 2015 energy-saving and environmental protection skills training course was successfully launched.

Director of the “Second Science and Technology Inheritance, Vehicle Industry” Activity Department of Aoyou, and the overall team of the “One Day Fight” at the Ming Dynasty Panasonic Ford Energy University and research institutes went to South Korea.

As a growth oriented, foundational, and skill-oriented high skilled talent, the application of the inclusive industry is accelerating.

Proficient in reading Pro/ENUT (electronic MT) and able to use Siemens 840 titles.

Adhere to the practical means of “45 degrees/3 sides” and be able to use the equipment independently.

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