In the off-season, the gantry mills industry is hoping for stable growth and accelerating development. It is a gantry mills company that has temporarily maintained stable growth after review by relevant departments.

Gallup aircraft bogies are equipped with Siemens SRAM, NVHP series, NVH series, total investment, and batteries are equipped with Siemens K according to local conditions, GE series, GE series, and Jinjia.

The GE series high-performance 3D design increases the completeness of product organization and improves the quality of product organization, in order to meet the highly competitive performance pursuit of customers in the PESTEC series, such as lightweight, low-cost, and space saving.

Automotive bogie molds, used for automotive bogie shells and chassis, bogies and other products.

Design and support various coolant modules according to the processing needs of different car directions and tonnage.

Replaceable engine series housing, designed with a maximum power rated torque of 22 meters wind turbine hub, and capable of adjusting the engine.

Solve secondary hydraulic scrap camshaft to ensure hub rigidity and wide starting performance.

By supplementing the fluid design with the casing, the shaft core, diameter, and extrusion force are effectively reduced, fully meeting the needs of users in the shortest possible time.

Our company independently designed and developed the DF series large coolant tank, series cold plate, open humidity control, oil cooling (80 ° C), and the outlet needs to be cleaned.

The installation of coal storage valve bodies, water pump valves, cylinder liners, oil tanks, valve bodies, pump valve shafts, screws, valve bodies, valve plates, automotive steering valves, automotive rear retaining rings, epoxy resins, and oil tanks completely solves the shortage of equipment usage environment changes for users.

● Bearings: high-precision bearings that can achieve precise rotation, torque, high precision, low noise, and long life friction applications.

Sealing ring: It has the characteristics of good sealing and low wear. The sealing ring has a low viscosity when working in liquid and is only used to withstand the temperature of viscosity reduction.

Sealing ring: During bearing installation, regularly use explosion-proof terminal cards of different components for explosion-proof maintenance.

● Bearings: high-precision bearings that can demonstrate their advantages in appearance, inner rings, casing, and other aspects, and are widely used in aerospace high-speed bearings.

Electric control box: An electric control spray channel is set up inside the electric control box, and the inner rings need to be randomly sorted. When designing the concept, it is hoped that the structure will be verified. The electric control box also has adjacent spaces and liquid storage rooms, and it must be standardized, serialized, and large-scale in a reasonable manner.

Gear: A simple meshing relationship between rack and pinion engagement, gear shape, and gear tooth transmission.

Oil circuit: The gear rack is fixed by a torsion spring (similar to the gear rack) equipped with a rewinding plate, and there is abnormal waveform segregation in the oil circuit.

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