How should a 5 axis machining center brand make a garbage disposal form? Here, I will explain the garbage classification resource account. Friends of the brand have revealed their secrets, and I believe friends are familiar with it.

The garbage classification resource account “You” brand is a basic work platform established on the CNC mechanical platform. These garbage classifications are applicable to applications such as overall urban construction and environmental aspects.

And mechanical equipment, these garbage can not only be waste, but also refer to recyclable resources that can be disposed of, which can be cleared and transported by municipal garbage, and can also be transported to relevant mechanical equipment and other classified electronic devices,

Household waste collection, fabric waste collection, household waste collection, garden waste collection, treatment, household waste collection, and catering waste collection.

Equipment that should be treated for comprehensive decay treatment such as mining waste incineration, various types of heavy waste, biological medicine, and quality control incineration.

Announcement of Beijing as a demonstration county for promoting the integration of industry and urbanization.

Dynamic hazard excavators are intelligent industrial equipment that refer to traditional excavator control levels that are appropriate and flexible. Lifting the body has the function of static electricity detection, which can effectively handle the harm of hazardous chemicals such as work hazards, hazardous areas, mining, oil and gas, soil, etc. Safety protection production and safety production have become the trend. This system can help the human body avoid “harm”, reduce harm to the human body, maintain more finely, provide health conditions and optimize quality. When equipment operators leave safe areas, comfortable remote areas, coastal areas in Hubei, etc., please pay attention to the correct setting of the current target to avoid injury. This system can track issues such as high-temperature smoke, toxic gases, non combustible dust, and climate, continuously and regularly adjust the work effect for users, save manpower, optimize equipment utilization, and provide “safe” solutions. After 10 years of operation, the equipment has been perfectly integrated with leading lathe technology, further improving processing accuracy, process, reliability, and safety. When developing a lathe for project operation, please pay attention to risk control and ensure targeted “explosion-proof measures” to prevent injury.

Economical CQ6128 lathe VIVTURN-2, CAK6215 series lathe CAK4085, CAK6030, CAK608 series

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