How to explore the 5 axis machining center market?

CNC machine tools that correspond to traditional turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and gear processing include CNC turning machine, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines, CNC grinding machines, CNC gear processing machines, etc. Although these CNC machine tools have significant differences in processing methods and specific control methods, their actions and movements are digitally controlled, with high productivity and automation.

● Writing or programming: Before processing, the machining program of the workpiece should be compiled first. If the machining program of the workpiece is long and complex, it is best not to program it on the machine tool, but to use a programming machine or manual programming to avoid it.

● Startup: Generally, CNC turning machine will perform partial processing according to the specified program, as it is necessary to read and use this process together.

● Reference point: The reference point is the reference point. Generally, the reference points for machine tool reference points include reference points, incremental feed rate, position points of fixed points, and distribution.

● Upper workpiece: The main reference points are the reference point, the circumferential position of the Z-axis, the positive movement of the U-axis, and the XYZ axis of the X-axis.

Regularly check and adjust the axial clearance of the screw nut pair to ensure the accuracy and axial stiffness of reverse transmission;

Regularly clean the lubrication system of the screw and nut pairs to maintain transmission accuracy and the relentless movement of the radial runout screw;

Regularly check the cleanliness of electricity, gas, liquid, and gas; Electricity, gas, and compressed air are jointly traded.

The selection of helical gear teeth and general number of teeth can meet the functions of both within the range of 30-60 times. On the basis of helical gears, the drive length is directly driven by the angle key that matches the gear rack meshing according to the product design, thereby achieving the economic CNC machine tool center price of helical gears.

Product introduction: The selection of helical gear teeth and general number of teeth can meet higher customer needs within the range of 30-60 times. Use helical gears for transmission on a lathe.

The gear set is actually fixed using a type of milling cutter. The circular end face and cutting tool of the milling cutter can greatly improve the efficiency of milling cutter replacement.

The helical gear rack milling machine is the simplest automatic milling machine that can be used to place milling cutters, covering milling cutters, boring cutters, pot teeth, and various types of tooth shapes.

The working principle of a metal slitting machine is to place the workpiece on a workbench and perform milling, grinding, and trimming around the grinding wheel

The machining accuracy of high-speed rotating rack and pinion grinding machines is almost harmless, and the important thing is the ultra precision machining and quasi stop machining of CNC machine tools.

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