What kind of supply chain does the 5 axis machining center product require? Opent Lighthouse independently develops, designs, and manufactures. We focus on providing efficient quality and one-stop solutions in the fields of automotive manufacturing and spare parts manufacturing for you.

We have a unified standard that includes automotive parts, and most importantly, we determine that the engine we are assembling is the engine. Therefore, our automotive component design can provide performance and stability in power transmission.

Processing and manufacturing. Automotive components include the processing of standard components, gears, motors, gasoline engines, coal engines, second engine and bicycle parts, and plastic products.

Non standard parts customization is an intelligent factory workshop that allows users to control machines, electricity, waste materials, and a small amount of parts through a touch screen. The simulation blueprint is generally applicable to these inquiry processes to ensure the process of your purchase.

Lubricating oil testing is an important testing method, whose main function is to detect engine lubricating oil. Lubricating oil testing can also be used to directly produce oil products. After the production of oil products, lubricating oil is evaluated to maintain good quality for each type of lubricating oil

The processing of automotive parts mainly involves producing automotive parts and tools that meet the requirements, and then conducting corresponding processing and production. The components and tools found in automobile factories are mainly soaked in various lubricants from the manufacturing industry. In addition to common defects in engine components, transmissions, key automotive components such as bearings, petroleum, aviation components, and lathes, there are also some more likely reasons for engine component problems or difficult to use components

Cutting is generally completed on a lathe, as most of the parts on the lathe are imported from abroad, so most of the parts on the lathe are used domestically. Therefore, most of the parts on the lathe are used domestically. So, more and more cars are being used on lathes, reducing labor costs. However, if there are few places to go, the level is not very high, especially for some large and complex structural components, high cost components, and processing larger workpieces, which cannot be easily operated.

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