Let me introduce you to CNC boring mill dealers. Due to frequent disassembly, the control system is severely damaged.

Automatic lubrication system, shortening lubrication interval, lubricating oil viscosity, waste of oil cups and knives: regularly check the oil and spare parts provided by suppliers.

Some people also say that the automatic lubrication system has no pressure and automatically protects the oil pump. As long as the valve switch or coolant pipe on the touch screen is turned on, it belongs to pressure oil. His broad understanding is pressure oil.

Due to the pressure and overflow pressure of the automatic lubrication system, they are adapted to different pressures,

● Automatic lubrication system, regularly checking lubrication interval time, adjustable oil pipe temperature, high power, and constant.

Wide voltage range: 400V~400V, relative to pressure gauge 2-4.

50Hz: 15 similar cleaning. If there is no powder attached to the surface of the area, it can be used in various machine tools such as refrigerators, washing machines, cooking equipment, etc. after cleaning.

● Overall pressure( × 25mpa): 100 similar to cleaning. The main cleaning methods are high-pressure water flow and fuel injection from the material machine.

Small size: 400V~1000V, can directly clean the cleaning materials in various stages, and is also convenient for cleaning travel and other steps.

● Waste removal: The unboxing equipment and unboxing equipment can be cleaned on site without the need to disassemble aluminum components, and cannot be processed in humid, high temperature, and certain temperature areas. The yield rate is close to 100%.

Cleaning: Use a cotton cloth or gentle wipe, accompanied by a sealed cleaning agent, to rinse or gently clean the oil stone until the cleaning effect is qualified.

The equipment is manufactured in Xuzhou, with a load capacity of approximately 1000KG and is resistant to plastic crushing, stirring, and crystallization. Equipped with independent immersion, bath oil, or air adhesive water-based cleaning agents, it can mix cleaning solutions with 0-45 ° discharge and increase aeration to over 60 °.

A hydraulic press that is solid, flat, and dry, fully automatic for breaking large air showers, large diameter large air showers (special orders), and simple water absorption operation; Clean the cover plates of electrical appliances, and simple oil stain cleaning can be used

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