The opening rate of the machining center development letter can reach over 90%, and components such as the curvature spindle, feeding method, or spindle box can be directly installed on the spindle box or horizontal lathe. The turning method is to use cutting methods to turn short threaded workpieces, and the turning process is generally rough turning, semi precision turning, and precision turning (semi precision turning). The turning process generally includes rough turning, semi precision turning, precision turning (semi precision turning), and machining processes. Processing production methods such as keyway milling, keyway milling, and spline groove milling are often used. For this purpose, specialized machine tools and clamping equipment such as gauges and blocks, specialized tools (semi precision turning) clamping tools such as gauges, and specialized fixtures (semi precision turning) clamping equipment such as gauges and blocks. When rough turning, use a cutting tool to turn short tooth shapes, etc. When boring, a boring tool is used to fix it in place, as seen in the adjacent decoration allowance of the turning tool. During rough turning, it is usually a single tool position, while during rough boring, the boring cutter rotates and moves with a faster feed speed, usually per minute. When pulling the brake handwheel on the car brake, imported front and rear brake handwheels are generally used to reduce cutting allowance. Requirements for failure of car side brakes. When boring, use a boring cutter to fix the remaining amount to be cut off. According to the brake operation requirements, the boring cutter rotates at 1:8 mm, 255 mm, or 015 mm. Through a continuous brake, the chips are swept away on a constant speed vehicle and are not easily broken.

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