Take you to learn about 5 axis machining center wholesalers.

It is a new generation product developed by Guangshu Technology in the fields of cam type linear drive motors, precision machining equipment, and CNC systems.

Equipped with program control and storage space, it can achieve multiple uses for one machine, providing economic benefits for enterprises to increase production capacity and new product development capabilities.

It is a data interface composed of ultra precision machining technology and machine tools, with band switches, rotating optical devices, computer automatically controlled machine vision and parameter acquisition systems, a large amount of information exchange and output, equipped with measurement displays, greatly improving measurement accuracy, and has good interchangeability.

The machine tool adopts the original linear dedicated guide rail and servo motor drive, which improves processing accuracy, grinding and polishing efficiency, especially for the improvement of high hardness parts that need to be processed. It has been processed for a period of time and can be stable for 72 hours.

When machining workpieces on precision machine tools, it is easier to get started, achieving high industry ideals. Especially for dry grinding rotary horizontal moving parts, the reciprocating motion area of the workbench does not require external preparation, and the parts can be clamped in one go. Compared to traditional single point models, it reduces the clamping space by 1/2, saves hardware development cycle, shortens operation time, and achieves simultaneous processing of multiple processes. The digital display equipment can use digital display, and with optimized design schemes for processing, each workpiece processing time is one-third of that, which can greatly improve the accuracy and repetitive quality of digital display finished parts processing.

The clamping method is applicable to: 1. Due to the length of the workpiece, each subordinate has a special shape and can be folded arbitrarily. The parts can be clamped in one go and receive customized processing design standards. 2. Processing sequence arrangement: When preparing for processing, it is necessary to perform processes such as punching, drilling, boring, chamfering, and threading simultaneously, and remove the processed parts. 3. Preparation for subsequent processes: Check if the selection of finished products is the same, and determine the processing sequence based on product design requirements. 4. Perform heat treatment and surface treatment on the blank, utilizing the effectiveness of surface treatment. 5. Finished product assembly: installation and clamping after processing, plastic parts can be taken out and used for secondary development of plastic parts or related molding functions to complete the secondary development of plastic products. In fact, large-scale mechanical processing is also a production process, such as squeezing Bao’an installation, such as car parts. This process requires a certain amount of processing technology and time, so it requires a lot of new mechanical parts to be processed

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