The foreign trade quotation of the 5 axis machining center is the right thing to do! 5 axis processing product ABB tann.

The highest end diameter of the Bluetooth World Circle is 12142, with 182 and 24 disc handles, respectively.

The Bluetooth World Circle has a maximum diameter of 500, and the high-efficiency heavy-duty option is equipped with a power knife handle.

The maximum diameter of the Bluetooth World Circle is 630mm, which is 630mm for the 1205 #/157 Bluetooth World Circle. It is 630mm for the 1205 #/157 Bluetooth World Circle, 630mm for the 143/257 Bluetooth World Circle, 630mm for the 143/257 Bluetooth World Luxury Disc, and 630mm for the 143/236 Yellow Tooth World Super Heavy Duty Option. The tool selects the direction of the Bluetooth World Tiangang Five Circle Tool Handle, while maintaining the original manufacturing technology, The application of this tool for turning key parts such as blind holes and irregular connecting rods enables the machine to smoothly pass the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements, and be processed by forming tools. Starting from the direction of the global Tiangang five round tool handle of PM014 Bluetooth, while maintaining the original manufacturing technology, this tool is applied to push out the self drawing alloy spring. After reaching a weight of bog, this advantage is used to reduce the residual material impact, rather than reducing the residual material impact.

The SK-C composite material five axis CNC turning machine consists of a CNC device, a machine tool side milling head, and a five axis linkage control system for the moving parts.

For the front, rear, left, and right spindle O-shaped inner and outer crystal mounting, the first three post processing, and the completion of the previous processing of the workpiece, it is equivalent to loading the object to be processed in one operation.

Once again, complete the parts that need to be processed, and install the flat head, rotary workbench, grinding wheel frame, rotary workbench, radial feed mechanism, track mechanism, right angle spindle, cutting parts, tailstock, guide rail, and other parts.

● Spindle and radial runout ≤ 0001, verticality ≤ 0001, preliminary measurement method: Control the radial runout of XYZ and radial measurement system within the allowable error range, and measure with accuracy according to actual requirements.

The measuring head extends 500mm, with a verticality of ≤ 0006mm. The marble coordinate axis moves approximately 300mm in a short period of time, with a verticality of ≤ 0001.

Grinding wheel spindle: used to install grinding heads and grinding wheel accessories, and can directly place the workpiece on the workbench.

The manual pump is connected to components such as the engine, and there is a three types of processing area for the processing of separate components between the pump and the engine.

● Pressure and deceleration device (installed on the transmission shaft): connected to the transmission shaft (installed on the transmission shaft).

Installation accuracy of measuring workpieces: For assembly lines, the installation accuracy of measuring workpieces reaches ± 0.2 level, with a horizontal error of ≤ 2% and a horizontal error of ≤ 3%.

● Reference point method: When measuring the installation accuracy of the workpiece, roughness measurement data and appropriate values should be provided.

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