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    These cnc grinding machine manufacturers are known for producing high-quality grinding equipment for various industries.

    The guide rail adopts the silver roller linear guide, the screw adopts Japanese THK, the double drive motor adopts the absolute encoder motor, the FANUC original motor, does not need to be turned on to return to zero, the power is cut off, and the original processing point can be found at will to continue processing, saving users time

    Item Name Brand Remark
    1 ATC OKADA TAIWAN Optional
    2 Feeding motor FANUC X axis 36NM two double drives, YZ axis torque 36NM, Z axis with brake
    3 Main motor FANUC 22/26KW
    4 System FANUC OIMF
    5 X-Screw Ipiranga  Spain IT5
    Y/Z Screw THK C3,
    6 Bearing NSK P4
    7 Electric part
    8 Leaner guideway HIWIN Taiwan 55 rollers
    9 encoder Absolute encoder No need to return to the origin
    10 Guideway HIWIN Taiwan 55 roller
    11  Main spindle MicroLab Taiwan
    1 X travel mm 12000
    2 Y travel mm 4400
    3 Z travel mm 1200
    4 Between column mm 4200
    5 Distance from spindle end to worktable mm 600-1800
    6 Worktable size mm 8000*3000
    7 Max loading T 8/M2
    8 T slot No. 28
    9 T-slot size/spacing mm 28/250
    10 Spindle drive mode Direct drive
    11 Spindle speed rpm 10-6000
    12 Motor power kW 22/26
    13 Spindle torque N.m 170+BFGear box 680NM
    14 Spindle taper ISO7:24NO50
    15 Pull nail specifications P50T-2-MAS503
    16 Spindle dia mm Φ190
    17 X、Y、Z Rapid move m/min 7/7/7
    18 X、Y、Z servo motor kW 5.2*2/5.2/5.2
    19 X、Y、Z servo torque N.m X-36*4,YZ-36*3/36*3
    20 X、Y、Z servo motor rpm 3000
    21 X/Y/Z Dia of Screw mm Φ10020/8020/Φ6320
    22 Feeding speed mm/min 6000


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    What are the key factors to consider when choosing the CNC grinding machine manufacturers for specific machining needs?

    When selecting CNC grinding machine manufacturers for specific processing needs, these key factors need to be considered:

    1. Machine type and capability: Determine the type of CNC grinding machine that is most suitable for your specific processing requirements. Consider factors such as the size of the workpiece, the required accuracy, and the type of grinding (such as surface, cylindrical, or tool grinding).

    2. Machine precision: Evaluate the accuracy, repeatability, and precision of the machine

    3. Search for advanced functions and technologies, such as CNC control systems, automatic tool changers, process measurement, and other functions that can improve efficiency and accuracy.

    4. Check if the manufacturer provides various tool options and workpiece fixing solutions to adapt to your specific workpiece geometry.

    5. Technical Support and Services: Ensure that the manufacturer provides comprehensive technical support, including training, maintenance, and troubleshooting assistance, to maintain the smooth operation of your machine.

    6. Cost and Budget: Define your budget constraints and explore machines that provide the best value for your investment while meeting your processing needs.

    7. Warranty and after-sales support: Review the warranty and after-sales service policies to understand the manufacturer’s commitment to supporting their products.


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