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    CNC vertical boring mill is a machining tool that is used to cut large, heavy workpieces in a vertical orientation. It is equipped with a computer numeric control (CNC) system, which allows for precise and automated movements of the cutting tools, making it more efficient and accurate than traditional manual vertical boring mills.


    No. Specification unit CNC Vertical Boring Mill
    CNC floor type boring machine
    1 Spindle diameter mm φ260
    2 Spindle top diameter mm φ221.44
    3 Taper ISO 50( JT50 7:24 )
    4 Blindrivet model D50  DIN69872
    5 Power of main motor Kw 85
    6 Spindle Speed r/min 2-800r/min
    7 Max. torque of spindle N.m 3136
    8 Max. axial resistance of spindle N 31360
    9 Worktable size mm Optional
    10 Max.loading on table Kg 12000
    11 Worktable transversal travel (X axis) mm Optional
    12 Headstock vertical travel(Y axis) mm 4000
    13 Column travel l(Z axis) mm 750
    14 Spindle travel (W axis) mm 1250
    16 Rotary speed of worktable(B axis) ° 360
    17 The width of T-slot and number mm 22
    18 Min .distance from spindle top to table center mm 100(spindle extend)
    19 Distance from spindle center to the table mm 2375
    20 Max. Feeding speed (X axis) mm/min stepless,1-5600mm/min
    21 Max. Feeding speed (Y axis) mm/min stepless,1-5600mm/min
    22 Max. Feeding speed (Z axis) mm/min stepless,1-5600mm/min
    23 Max. Feeding speed (V, W axis) mm/min stepless,1-5600mm/min
    24 B axis r/min 0~1
    25 System FANUC OI-MF
    26 Max. rapid feeding speed (X、Y、Z axis) mm/min 6000
    27 Max .rapid feeding speed(W axis) mm/min 3000
    28 Spindle cooling 20bar
    29 Protective door plate CE Nor


    ontrol Axis

    Basic configuration of 5 feed axis and one spindle;Each coordinate axis defined as follows:

    X axis:Worktable transverse travel

    Y axis:Headstock move up and down along the vertical column;

    V axis:Worktable longitudinal;

    W axis:Ram travel

    Z axis: Boring spindle front-back travel;

    B axis: NC rotary table rotary indexing

    U axis(optional):Facing plate feed

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    What are the advantages and characteristics of CNC vertical boring mill compared to traditional horizontal boring machines?

    CNC vertical boring mill offer several advantages and characteristics when compared to traditional horizontal boring machines:

    Space Efficiency: Vertical boring mills have a smaller footprint compared to horizontal machines.

    Gravity-Assisted Chip Removal: In vertical boring mills, chips and swarf fall naturally due to gravity, making chip removal more efficient. In horizontal machines, chip evacuation can be more complex.

    Stability and Rigidity: Vertical setups often provide better stability and rigidity because of the weight of the workpiece pressing down on the cutting tool. This can lead to improved machining accuracy and surface finish.

    Versatility: CNC vertical boring mills can handle a wide range of workpiece sizes and shapes, including irregularly shaped components, which might be challenging to secure on horizontal machines.

    Access to the Workpiece: Operators can have easier access to the workpiece on a vertical setup, making it simpler to load and unload large or heavy parts.

    Reduced Floor Contamination: With chips falling away from the machining area, there is less chance of chips interfering with the machining process, leading to better surface finish and tool longevity.

    Custom Fixturing: Vertical boring mills can be adapted with custom fixturing to accommodate various workpiece geometries, enhancing their versatility.

    Lower Cost: Vertical boring mills can often be more cost-effective, both in terms of initial purchase price and maintenance costs, making them an attractive option for many manufacturers.

    Machining Complex Features: Vertical setups can be used to machine complex internal features or contours, such as concave shapes, which may be challenging on horizontal machines.

    Easier Tool Changes: Tool changes are typically more accessible and convenient on vertical setups, reducing downtime during machining operations.


    How can CNC vertical boring mill provide high precision and production efficiency when manufacturing large workpieces?

    CNC vertical boring mill can provide high precision and production efficiency when manufacturing large workpieces through a combination of design features, technology, and operational practices.

    Rigidity and Stability: CNC vertical boring mills are designed to be robust and rigid, which ensures stability during machining.

    Accurate Positioning: Modern CNC systems in vertical boring mills offer high-precision positioning of the cutting tool.

    Tooling Options: Vertical boring mills can be equipped with a wide range of tooling options, including single-point tools, carbide inserts, and specialized toolholders.

    Control Systems: CNC control systems allow for fine-tuning of cutting parameters, toolpath control, and automatic tool changes, all of which contribute to precision and efficiency.

    Spindle Speed and Power: Vertical boring mills often have powerful spindles that can handle heavy cutting loads.

    Custom Fixturing: The ability to design and install custom fixtures for workpieces ensures proper alignment and secure clamping, reducing the risk of errors and improving precision.

    Automatic Tool Measurement and Compensation: CNC vertical boring mills can measure tool wear and automatically compensate for it during machining.

    Multi-Axis Machining: Many vertical boring mills have multiple axes of motion, allowing for complex machining operations and the ability to create intricate features with precision.

    Coolant Systems: Efficient coolant systems help dissipate heat, lubricate cutting tools, and remove chips, contributing to both precision and tool longevity.

    Monitoring and Quality Control: Real-time monitoring of machining processes and quality control checks can be integrated into CNC systems to catch deviations and maintain high precision.

    Optimized Cutting Strategies: CNC programming allows for the optimization of toolpaths and cutting strategies to reduce cycle times and improve production efficiency.


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