China cnc vertical turning lathe

Single column vertical lathe


    These CNC vertical lathes are produced by Chinese manufacturers. These machines are renowned for their efficient and precise ability to process large and heavy workpieces, suitable for various industries such as aerospace, automotive, and energy.

    Model CK5116
    Max. turning diameter (mm) 1600
    Max. height of workpiece (mm) 1200
    Max. weight of workpiece (t) 5
    Table diameter (mm) 1400
    Speed range of table (r/min) 5-160
    Speed step of table 16
    Travel of railhead horizontal (mm) 915
    Travel of railhead vertical (mm) 800
    Travel of slidehead horizontal (mm) 630
    Travel of slidehead vertical (mm) 980
    Travel of cross rail (mm) 850
    Max. tool holder size 30×40
    Swivel of rail head ±30°
    Range of feeds rates (mm/min) 0.8-86 12 steps
    Rapid traverse speed of vertical or side tool head 1800
    System  GSK
    Power of main motor (kw) 30
    Overall dimension(mm) 2830×22670×3010
    Machine weight(t) 12.5


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    What are the characteristics and competitive advantages of China CNC vertical turning lathes in the global market?

    1. China machine tool manufacturers are usually able to provide relatively low-cost CNC vertical lathes, which makes them price competitive in the global market.

    2. It has a huge machine tool manufacturing industry, covering various sizes and specifications of CNC vertical lathes to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

    3.By continuously improving the quality and performance of its products and adopting modern CNC technology, it can provide higher accuracy and efficiency.

    4. We have achieved success in the export market by providing machine tool equipment to various parts of the world.

    5. Some Chinese manufacturers offer personalized customization options to meet customers’ specific processing needs.

    6. Widely used: CNC vertical lathes are widely used in various industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, energy, medical equipment, etc.


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