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    Boring head for cnc mill is a machine equipped with advanced techniques such as mechanics, electrics and hydraulics. Many key techniques are adopted: Hydrostatic guideway (constant flow), No back-lash rack-pinion drive system, ram feed auto compensation, etc.



    No. Specification unit boring head for cnc mill
    CNC floor type boring machine
    1 Spindle diameter mm φ260
    2 Spindle top diameter mm φ221.44
    3 Taper ISO 50( JT50 7:24 )
    4 Blindrivet model D50  DIN69872
    5 Power of main motor Kw 85
    6 Spindle Speed r/min 2-800r/min
    7 Max. torque of spindle N.m 3136
    8 Max. axial resistance of spindle N 31360
    9 Worktable size mm Optional
    10 Max.loading on table Kg 12000
    11 Worktable transversal travel (X axis) mm Optional
    12 Headstock vertical travel(Y axis) mm 4000
    13 Column travel l(Z axis) mm 750
    14 Spindle travel (W axis) mm 1250
    16 Rotary speed of worktable(B axis) ° 360
    17 The width of T-slot and number mm 22
    18 Min .distance from spindle top to table center mm 100(spindle extend)
    19 Distance from spindle center to the table mm 2375
    20 Max. Feeding speed (X axis) mm/min stepless,1-5600mm/min
    21 Max. Feeding speed (Y axis) mm/min stepless,1-5600mm/min
    22 Max. Feeding speed (Z axis) mm/min stepless,1-5600mm/min
    23 Max. Feeding speed (V, W axis) mm/min stepless,1-5600mm/min
    24 B axis r/min 0~1
    25 System FANUC OI-MF
    26 Max. rapid feeding speed (X、Y、Z axis) mm/min 6000
    27 Max .rapid feeding speed(W axis) mm/min 3000
    28 Spindle cooling 20bar
    29 Protective door plate CE Nor


    No. Item Unit Parameter
    1 Table Size mm 2000*2500 2500*3000
    2 Rotary table height mm 395 395
    3 Total table height mm 1075 1075
    4 Max. load of worktable ton 20 20
    5 Longitudinal travel(V axis) mm 1400 2000
    6 Indexing range Degree 360 360
    7 V axis feedrate mm/min 4~3000 4~3000
    8 B axis feedrate mm/min 3~3000 3~3000
    9 Indexing accuracy Degree 0.005 0.005


    ontrol Axis

    Basic configuration of 5 feed axis and one spindle;Each coordinate axis defined as follows:

    X axis:Worktable transverse travel

    Y axis:Headstock move up and down along the vertical column;

    V axis:Worktable longitudinal;

    W axis:Ram travel

    Z axis: Boring spindle front-back travel;

    B axis: NC rotary table rotary indexing

    U axis(optional):Facing plate feed

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    What are the boring heads for CNC mill machines and their main functions?

    The boring heads for CNC mill is a tool used for expanding or finishing existing holes or boring holes in workpieces.

    They have several main functions:

    Boring: The main function of the boring head is to expand or adjust the diameter of existing holes.

    Precision machining: The boring head is used for precision machining operations to achieve high precision and surface quality within the hole.

    Versatility: The boring head is a multifunctional tool that can accommodate various cutting blades or tools, suitable for various apertures and materials.

    Depth control: The boring head can accurately control the cutting depth, allowing the operator to obtain the required depth and size very accurately.

    Adjustable: Many drill bits are adjustable, allowing the operator to change the cutting diameter within a certain range.

    Interchangeability: Boring heads are usually designed to be interchangeable with other tool holders on CNC milling machines.

    Complex geometric shapes: By using specialized tools, boring heads can be used to create complex internal geometric shapes, such as conical or contour holes.


    How does the design and size of the boring head affect the processing ability and accuracy of CNC mill machines?

    The design and size of the boring head can affect the processing ability and accuracy of CNC mill machines in the following ways:

    1. Processing ability: The size of the boring head determines the maximum diameter of the hole that can be bored. A larger boring head will have a larger diameter and therefore, the machine will be able to bore larger holes.

    2. Accuracy: The design of the boring head is crucial for achieving high levels of accuracy in boring operations. A well-designed boring head will have features such as fine adjustment screws, graduated scales, and a rigid construction, which allow for precise adjustments and positioning of the tool.

    3. Rigidity: The size and design of the boring head can also impact the rigidity of the machine. A larger boring head may require a more powerful motor and a sturdier machine structure to handle the increased load.

    4. Flexibility: Some boring heads are designed to be modular, allowing for the easy interchangeability of different boring tools and inserts.


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