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    Gantry CNC mill is a computer numerical control machine tool used for precision machining and milling of various materials. Its characteristic is the gantry structure, which is essentially a bridge frame spanning the workspace. The main feature of a gantry CNC milling machine is its gantry structure, which consists of two columns or brackets and a horizontal beam (gantry frame) that bridges the gap between them.

    Item Name Brand Remark
    1 ATC OKADA TAIWAN Optional
    2 Feeding motor FANUC X axis 36NM two double drives, YZ axis torque 36NM, Z axis with brake
    3 Main motor FANUC 22/26KW
    4 System FANUC OIMF
    5 X-Screw Ipiranga  Spain IT5
    Y/Z Screw THK C3,
    6 Bearing NSK P4
    7 Electric part
    8 Leaner guideway HIWIN Taiwan 55 rollers
    9 encoder Absolute encoder No need to return to the origin
    10 Guideway HIWIN Taiwan 55 roller
    11  Main spindle MicroLab Taiwan
    1 X travel mm 8200
    2 Y travel mm 4400
    3 Z travel mm 1200
    4 Between column mm 4200
    5 Distance from spindle end to worktable mm 600-1800
    6 Worktable size mm 8000*3000
    7 Max loading T 8/M2
    8 T slot No. 28
    9 T-slot size/spacing mm 28/250
    10 Spindle drive mode Direct drive
    11 Spindle speed rpm 10-6000
    12 Motor power kW 22/26
    13 Spindle torque N.m 170+BFGear box 680NM
    14 Spindle taper ISO7:24NO50
    15 Pull nail specifications P50T-2-MAS503
    16 Spindle dia mm Φ190
    17 X、Y、Z Rapid move m/min 7/7/7
    18 X、Y、Z servo motor kW 5.2*2/5.2/5.2
    19 X、Y、Z servo torque N.m X-36*4,YZ-36*3/36*3
    20 X、Y、Z servo motor rpm 3000
    21 X/Y/Z Dia of Screw mm Φ10020/8020/Φ6320
    22 Feeding speed mm/min 6000


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    What are the primary advantages and applications of gantry CNC mill?

    The main advantages and applications of gantry CNC milling machines are as follows:


    • Large workpiece capacity: Gantry CNC milling machines are famous for their large working area and are suitable for processing large workpieces or multiple smaller parts in a single device.
    • High precision: These machines provide excellent precision and accuracy, ensuring that complex and detailed parts can be processed within strict tolerance ranges.
    • Versatility: The gantry rolling mill can handle various materials from metals to composite materials, plastics, and more. This versatility makes it suitable for different industries.
    • Improving productivity: The ability to process multiple parts or large components simultaneously in one operation can significantly increase productivity and shorten processing time.
    • Complex geometric shapes: Gantry CNC milling machines can process complex shapes, including 3D contours and free form surfaces, making them valuable for industries such as aerospace and mold manufacturing.


    • Aerospace: Gantry CNC milling machines are used to process aircraft components, such as wing ribs, fuselage parts, and engine parts.
    • Automobiles: They are used to produce automotive components, including frames, engine blocks, and transmission parts.
    • Shipbuilding: Gantry rolling mills are used to manufacture large ship components such as propellers, hull sections, and rudders.
    • Mold manufacturing: These machines are crucial in the mold industry, used to manufacture complex molds for plastic injection molding and other manufacturing processes.
    • Woodworking: Gantry CNC milling machines are suitable for woodworking applications, such as making complex furniture and building details.
    • Universal Manufacturing: Used for general manufacturing tasks, including the production of large metal and composite parts for various industries.



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