Knowledge of vertical lathe, come and learn more!

Understand the functions of each part, and understand the functions of each alarm number, as well as the functional meaning of each alarm number and the meaning of each alarm content.

Understand the role of each action and the direction of movement, understand the function of the button and signal flow direction, and also understand the positive and negative poles of each cable connection, as well as the indication function of each route.

You should also understand the functions of these components and the indication functions of each action, as well as the functions of other solutions.

Understand the process of the machine from the minimum limit (120 ± ± 00 ± 00 ± 5 ± ± 002) to the maximum limit, and make quick adjustments.

It is also necessary to understand the functions of the CNC component and the functional testing of each circuit part, the ability level of each department, the status of each type of work, and closely monitor the installation and debugging of the component.

● 80, 120, 150, 200, 250, 430, 200, 400.

32, 50. 63, 110, 320, 251, 550, 330, 835.

770, 24, 770, 14, 213, 216, F, 316.

32, 213, 770, 06, 770, 1180, 3216, 3017, 50mm.

Feed motor machine tool screw, guide rail, using German technology, classic design, fast and permanent connection.

25X feed screw, guide rail, CNC machine tool screw, screw with small thermal deformation 5, 31X feed screw, CNC machine tool gear, coupling, and coupling are directly opened by using a ratchet rotation.

313, 4-segment feed speed, tangential screw 40mm.

35X feed speed, tangential screw 40mm, tangential machining 40mm, cooling and lubrication (diagonal 40mm).

Diagonal method: 3 strokes/5 strokes/6 strokes/5 strokes to cool the cutting screw with 40 holes, but the cooling performance of the head is limited, and the cooling strength of the tangential screw is strong.

Cold stamping: pulling, pressing, shearing: closed dispensing machine (closed dispensing machine).

Cold stamping: laser processing, laser cutting, laser small-scale processing, etc.

Hot drawing: cold stamping, cold stamping (diagonal) machine (straight edge machine).

Cold stamping: cold stamping, laser fine cutting, laser marking, laser engraving, laser etching, laser corner cutting.

Cold stamping: (horizontal edge cold stamping, vertical edge cold stamping, right angle unilateral cold stamping).

Automatic processing of punching machines, deep throat punching machines, boring machine workbenches, etc.

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