How to open a new era of dual production mode in the 5 axis machining center industry, from research and development to design.

The 2022 ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Exhibition is the best time for the world to showcase comprehensive strength in high-tech fields such as incubation, precision agility, and practical drumming. The outer layer of the exhibition actively participates in the CCMT202 annual exhibition through multiple internationally renowned associations called “IOTEXML”, providing effective resources for various links in the industry chain, both upstream and downstream.

In 2022, in order to adapt to the Pearl River Delta, we actively launched flexible, precise, and excellent industrial automation products to the market.

As a thriving technology exchange platform for global industrial automation, it is a combination of the top 12 companies with global scalability and competitive strength.

Famous enterprises will bring new generation sensor intelligent equipment and intelligent equipment to the 2019 DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo.

CENIT collaborates to launch “5G Enhancing Industrial Digitalization and Factory Automation Control Capabilities” on B CDS.

CENIT series of specialized machine tools are widely used in mold manufacturing, metal processing, design and manufacturing of forgings and non-ferrous metal parts.

The company will use this latest patent to quickly obtain a new generation of special composite new networks with high cost-effectiveness and the greatest market potential in information structure. It will continue to optimize location, IT data, and information platform systems, continuously optimize advantages in location, process, and management, and help customers reach a higher level.

In addition to 300 specifications and functions for high-level 24 layer classification, typical application areas in sub fields include tool machines, welding robots, and CNC milling machines.

In addition to positioning accuracy, in place detection is also important. So if we use circuit boards and wires for our machine tools.

In terms of structure: column structure, with a small footprint, easy installation and maintenance, with a second layer reserved on the front and back of the motherboard.

Main board: A column structure with a template on the front, and the columns are milled longitudinally and horizontally on the bed (including hole protrusions).

Main board: production of cavity molds, structural element and model type characteristics: structural element and model type characteristics.

Shenzhen Liyong An has 15 years of experience in processing and customizing silicon wafers, providing customers with sufficient quality.

Obstacle control: system and dynamic balance correction, cable protective cover, anti cable tire repair, can be customized according to the customer’s usage.

Dimensional monitoring: three-dimensional measuring instrument, measuring tool measuring instrument testing

Our one-stop service is focused on consultation, quality assurance, process design, inventory pricing, and striving to solve problems for our customers.

The company always aims to provide customers with safe, efficient, convenient, thoughtful, and worry free services, provide high-quality and durable CNC machine tools for all sectors of society, and establish long-term cooperative relationships with customers.

We have STCKAirTE89001, L2501710, L5801180, HC1806000, HC1806000, HC180300, HC180300, HC4200, HC1806000, HC4200, FC35, FC34, 61877, FC34T27, FC34MH35, FC03107MH, FC hydraulic press, etc.

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