Explanation of common problems in exporting gantry mills techniques: What parts and products are suitable for processing with lathes.

The characteristics of the cathode roller lathe are designed specifically for the turning process of the high-speed roller lathe. The high-speed roller lathe has a good mechanical structure, a high-speed ZUI large stroke, a 550mm servo motor, and a standard geometric and position detection feedback system. The comprehensive and dynamic feedback is provided. The turning methods for the three-axis to five-axis oblique column processing after processing have three points: from material and lathe to Swiss cone, grinding, honing, and gold content. The workpiece coordinate system is determined and manually input, In addition to automatic feed completion, the workpiece coordinate system, boring accuracy, and surface can all be used for micro milling. ● Auxiliary devices include: power head, drill clamp and hand feed device, boring rod and hand feed device, hand feed device includes: torque multiplier, reverse indexing plate and reverse indexing plate, boring sleeve hub, hand inspection ● experiment.

Aperture range: d>180=2900mm d>180, weigh the machine diameter 45 degrees.

Shaft diameter range: d>50=2900mm Basic standard: Aperture range: Ф 25/100mm.

B. 25-80 mm (minimum, maximum 30-70mm) maximum drilling depth 30-120 mm.

Tengzhou Tianlan Steel Factory’s original professional customization/frame, Huicong.com, 3D software selection: PUMA-801/50MA number: 63322.

Processing and sales: CNC machine tool equipment and accessories; Electric wires, hardware, anchor bolts, screws, sizing blocks, anchor bolts, vertical lathe for irregular parts, pipeline welding vehicles, various mechanical and automotive accessories; Gas, liquid, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, die-casting, SF, gas, liquefaction, gas, lubricating oil, chemical, pipeline, hardware.

Facing indoor (electrical) heating; High temperature, cold storage heating; Pig iron, various vehicle lubricants, imported vehicle parts, etc; Processing and sales: pipe joints, coils, motors, chillers, sheet metal pipes, machine guide rails, high and low pressure idlers.

We provide customers with a one-stop sales service, with a focus on mechanical design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, and service. We consider customers’ suggestions for process improvement, provide appropriate technical support, reasonable prices, and comprehensive service provision. We provide comprehensive and thoughtful services for lathes and basic manufacturing, and customers can purchase according to their own needs.

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