What are the LX-14 projects included in the after-sales support of the 5 axis machining center.

Population restrictions, declining raw material prices, supply-demand balance, technological investment, industrial equipment failures, technology transfer, and so on can all pose serious safety hazards.

Equipment model, working conditions, site size, environmental temperature, oil and water pressure, transportation environment, etc., can maintain a normal living environment in cold and hot dangerous situations.

The selection of imported precision processing equipment, experienced technical personnel, on-site equipment operators, and Jinghong Machinery ensure the accuracy and quality of equipment processing. Due to the abundant support of engineering personnel, the equipment has high accuracy, thus ensuring the quality of the equipment.

Design and manufacturing technical support, based on after-sales service, promptly handle problems and provide troubleshooting.

Relying on professional engineers to provide equipment structure design, manufacturing process, and maintenance services, as well as years of quality assurance and after-sales service, we adhere to the business philosophy of “quality first, customer service above all else” to provide high-quality equipment solutions for new and old customers, shorten warranty period time, and reduce engineering department maintenance costs.

Requirement: Special functions such as travel switches, equipment replacement, cleaning, repair, or side service. Equipment replacement, online equipment testing, and online inspection. Online problem solving. Equipment replacement and maintenance → Product maintenance → Ordinary lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, grinders, slotting machines, planing machines, boring machines, bending machines, shearing machines, rolling machines, bending machines, wire cutting machines, electric sparks, measuring machines, projectors, tools, cranes, lathes, grinders, and robotic arms. Equipment maintenance → Disassembly and replacement of aging bearings, internal cooling, lubricating oil replacement → Oil maintenance → Daily maintenance → Repair. Maintenance of lathes, planing machines, boring machines, broaching machines, and grinding machines. Internal and external maintenance: cleaning, lubrication, and oil circuits. Lubricating oil, cleaning. Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, lubrication, cooling. Machine tool debris, except for slight retention. Construction sites: cutting edge public places, institutions: spindle boxes, rolling machines, pipe bending machines, spark machines, grinders, handheld welding guns, water knives, wire jumping machines, cold wire machines, saw blade milling cutters, grinding machines, steel bar grinding machines, engineering surveys, cable work. Integrity management, first! Promotion, training, and school enterprise cooperation. The best quality small modular machine tool.

● Operation, maintenance, machine adjustment, training, CNC, industrial equipment maintenance, agriculture, generator set maintenance. Graduated from Technician College and General College.

Having a solid foundation in engineering theory and rich practical operation experience, hands-on manufacturing and processing, designing, and proficient in professional skill level certification.

● Technician operation or special skill certificate, senior technician, lathe craftsmanship and skill certificate.

Sign up for training in municipal machinery related departments and multi axis machining related majors.

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