The off-season CNC turning machine industry hopes for stable growth, and the new year is beginning to empty out!

The traditional spot goods of high-speed, high-precision, composite, high rigidity, and high stability of track and rail have no significant impact as long as they are delivered to a certain manufacturer’s machinery and equipment. The track is specially cast for track and rail, and its weight has been higher in recent years, and it has been exported to more than countries.

Today, our company has achieved dedicated use of railway tracks from high-speed, high-precision, composite, and high-precision.

Due to the limit that composite processing must reach under digital control, the monitoring process of wire and rail is often not feasible.

Composite processing; The high-speed, high-precision, high-speed, and high-precision use of the CPVC7 dedicated controller for railway tracks.

Reason for thermal deformation of castings: If the tool is dry and has a small wall thickness, the heat dissipation condition is good.

The hybrid screw has better performance, compact structure, and higher strength, which can reduce installation and maintenance frequency, and the frequency of wire replacement is smaller than the actual one.

Introduction: The most important track in China today is called linear guide rail, which is one of the most powerful supporting components in the world.

City ordered brick machines, equipped with high input supply system roller push pull seismic design, with funds of 43 and under 32 years old in 2009.

The spindle design of the electro-hydraulic hammer has reached a level of 98%, with a compact structure and better material supply.

The Z-axis adopts a roller type linear slide rail, which has equal load characteristics in four directions, stable operation, and longer weight

The oil cylinder is installed radially with dual piston rods and a linear/Z-axis with no room clearance, possessing the characteristics of front and rear loads.

The motor protection adopts built-in motor/imported motor protective oil film, which can be flexibly installed. According to the equipment stroke and protective liquid, APC/servo motor or various mechanical torque motors can be selected.

Compared to the CK7-3/CK6130 series lathes, the BK7-20T is only suitable for matching the performance and characteristics of cutting-edge equipment such as punches, sheet metal, bending machines, pipe stamping machines, pipe bending machines, and tooth rolling machines. The bending machine is only of the same specifications

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