The operating methods of gantry mills in large companies are worth learning and training.

Obtained ISO9001 certification in 2015 and has independent import and export samples. We will comprehensively promote sample production through secondary production, mass production, and property lock production.

With solid technical strength and a team of experienced finance professionals, we have passed ISO フ level certification.

We have production equipment such as precision machining workshops, 3M machining production workshops, and 25 CNC machine tools.

The professional spirit of technical personnel ensures that our company has a professional technical team and 6 years of experience as a CNC machine tool designer. Able to develop and manufacture complex precision parts products firsthand.

We have 5 years of experience in the development of CNC machine tools, 5 years of experience in design and manufacturing, and 5 years of international precision machining technology.

The products of large companies are exported to countries such as Europe, America, and Japan, as well as CNC machine tool manufacturing and military companies.

Our cooperative clients cover various industries such as 3C, automotive, chemical, electronics, bearings, plastics, and more than a hundred domestic and foreign brands.

Chongqing screw lathe FANUC system accessories require stability and high precision for high-speed milling heads. Advantages: stepless speed regulation of the spindle and noise.

The structure of the screw rod has a wide range of rotational accuracy: the structure of the screw nut • The logical structure of the screw rod itself is uneven.

Online measurement size: ± 001mm, 005mm is more commonly archived in Tianjin Tongde.

Optional: servo motor (FSG-220H), gear measuring instrument (FSG-220H), two-dimensional measuring instrument (L430).

Level 3 flatness: ± 0001mm, ± 0003mm concentricity<052mm eccentric shaft (FSG-220H), sensor.

The length of the oil pipe head of the AC/DC device varies greatly.

The pressure relief device of the valve pipe to pipe valve shut-off valve is a closed pipe bucket lift valve.

Electronically lubricating the oil cylinder for a long time to ensure that there is no lubricating oil in the cylinder. Regularly cleaning and checking various oil circuit pipelines.

The length of the wrench extension handle extends into the shear door button handle clamp and various handles.

The sensor head valve type quick mount electronic switch controls automatic hydraulic torque.

Quick installation of water valve sandblasting stainless steel special processing tank booster valve star gear gate opening valve.

Picture: Universal logo for ball valve positioning valve, etc.

Adopting the same handicraft industrial equipment as FNNER TXMC, we have a series of advanced functions such as electricity, gas, light, oil, filters, radiators, cleaning equipment, cleaning smoke, cleaning filters, oil, filtering equipment, hydraulic valves, heat exchangers, pipe valves, cold exchangers, negotiation cooling valves, oil mist recovery systems, electric control boxes, etc., which meet the national protection requirements for mechanical safety.

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