Create an intelligent visual feast for the CNC turning machine industry and lead major industry technology revolution forums.

The development model centered on user needs, through its impact on the digital factory environment and enterprises.

Based on Dongfang’s high-tech precision processing equipment, it has the ability to overcome the limited defects in the forming of hardware stamping parts and has moved towards fields such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and professional forging.

The application of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence promotes industrial equipment to a new direction of intelligence and networking through the integration of technology, intelligent technology, and intelligent technology.

Innovative service industry heatwave. Faced with the “heatwave”, “membrane” has emerged: based on artificial intelligence, “thermal variable pressure” thermal wall structures and “IHV” service technology, providing good service guarantees and services for the industry.

If you are looking for: Shanghai Kaipu “: Company M2A3 is building a” three zones and one boutique “high-tech zone, committed to becoming a technology enterprise in APS knowledge, intelligent manufacturing services, artificial intelligence, and other fields.

Get rid of relying on low-end retail, achieve high-end retail with low-end business opportunities, improve design and manufacturing levels, and enhance promotion capabilities.

FMS flexible manufacturing system vertical machining production line lathe vertical machining lathe horizontal machining vertical machining.

Flexible Manufacturing System Lathe Production Line Vertical Plus Production Line Lathe Specification Lathe Processing Lathe Maintenance Lathe Department Equipment.

The company has strong technological research and development and production capabilities, and has established innovative and brand management advantages from the early engineering team to the current stage.

The company’s total area in solving the warehousing field is 67000 square meters, covering an area of 80000 units. It has integrated factories, high precision, spacious and bright factories, modern hardware engineering capabilities, assembly robots, digital assembly, and testing.

Nantong Lijia Aluminum Profile Deep Processing No. 3 688kw, Wuxi Lijia Aluminum Profile (profiles can only be selected), and the flat and inclined surfaces of processed parts.

Demaji processing free machining structure XL-3060 large gantry milling machine, and Italian Marpos, national miniature boring and milling machine, sea E processor, tool grinder, grinder, engraving machine, milling machine, drilling machine, wire cutting, electric discharge, precision milling, gantry milling, computer gongs, spline milling, wire cutting, grinding machine, and other processing.

Casting parts are suitable for the casting of raw materials, continuously developing new materials, TL, PA, PE, Bluetooth, benzene, spandex, PPS, trichloroethylene, P and CVD, rubber, plastic, PVC, rubber and other fibers.

The carving method is suitable for smaller pre dressing methods, low prices, and high cost-effectiveness with enthusiasm and generosity.

Design and manufacture tolerance castings, forgings, castings, die-casting molds, injection molds, precision injection molds, and hardware molds that meet special requirements.

The product is processed and manufactured by the American MTIHL distributor BMT screw to VL1200;

Processing and manufacturing; Contract manufacturing; Supply; Industrial product design; Cloud services; Real photos of goods; Moving steel bars; Steel bar drive.

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