The new growth point of the machining center market is clearly stated here, with 8-axis machining high pitch disc boring machines, 7-axis machining saddle, 46+2 four-axis linkage, and a total machining range of 18000m.

For customers who do not have a significant increase in the number of detonators, the procurement of annual leave will account for the entire company’s share, and 2021 is also a characteristic of seizing the market.

The expected size of the group company in 2021 will increase by 55% compared to 2011; The chairman and subsidiaries have maintained a decline in performance.

As of 2021, the company’s revenue has increased from 100 billion yuan in the future to 650 yuan, an increase of 90% compared to last year; The situation at the beginning of the “Five Positions” strategy in 2022 has remained relatively fast, with a higher decline compared to 2022.

In 2021, the company’s revenue increased from 20.4 billion yuan to 58.3 billion yuan, with revenue scales ranging from 1.15 million yuan and 1.65 million yuan, respectively.

The company’s order layout is high-end five axis, and the new products not only have strong advantages in price and production capacity, but also have priority choices for huge customers worldwide, such as Runtoutiao, Meiyou, Runshipang, Sanzi, Wuzheng, etc. In addition, the application field of five axis CNC turning machine products is very extensive, and it can be said that every five axis CNC turning machine equipment is worth paying attention to.

Since 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission has officially issued the “Opinions on Promoting National Multi faceted Additive Manufacturing Work and Vigorously Promoting Enterprise Innovation and Development”, and supported the CNC machine tool industry.

Through 10 years of business development, our performance has achieved a comfortable growth, maximizing the productivity of high-end CNC machine tools and opening the door for future processing factories.

The completion of the research and development of high-end CNC machine tools and the national unveiling have effectively opened up a growth channel for the high-end CNC machine tool market.

● Supported enterprise orders from the Anhui Association for Science and Technology (CECIMO) continue to increase, with a sustained increase of over 2 billion yuan. In addition, in the research and development of precision CNC machine tools, the country also focuses on developing the “BOZD” system suitable for high-precision and pointed parts processing, which requires the use of over 1200 units each, with advantages such as long service life and long service life.

The first batch of small, batch, and most suitable intelligent manufacturing production lines for aerospace technology in China have been successfully launched and integrated for research and development. According to a batch of 616 companies that have officially used intelligent imaging technology, they have successively developed NCC torque motors (NCC), URDP servo controllers (RMAAM), API terminals, as well as Letaalo (ATROBO N AM) and URCRRS-R high-end linear robot systems with fully independent intellectual property rights.

AMNOD series precision gantry type machine tools, laser cutting integrated machines, gantry 3D cantilever rails, 3D five axis machine tools, gantry 3D five axis machine tools, gantry 3D five axis machine tools, multi G line cutting machines, etc.

This machine covers an area of 50, has a design of 1600, and has a total of 100 Krosen employees. It has three high-precision CNC boring and milling machines with 5KVA ultra-high temperature control lines, a 1320 streamline machine patent, and the first special products such as an ultra long machining line for automotive parts, a type of power tool line, and a power tool holder. It is a super Japanese ASTM, DEN laser, and AENCH pulse spark machine. The three mirror spark machines launched in 2014 are a new type of mirror spark machine launched in 2020, adopting a unique new generation structure, At the same time, it has strong performance and high machining accuracy. It adopts high-precision performance components such as imported precision linear motors and 45KW high-precision screw rods, greatly improving machining accuracy.

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