snk cnc machine japan

The spindle adopts Taiwan spindle
The feed motor adopts FANUC original motor
The spindle motor adopts FANUC original motor
The X-axis screw adopts the Spanish ipiranga European standard IT5 level
Y/Z axis screw adopts Japanese THK precision grinding C3 level
The guide rail adopts the silver roller P grade precision
The bearing adopts Japanese NSK precision P4 bearing

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    WEISH CNC MASTER is a professional CNC machine manufacturing enterprises, the main products include single coulumn lathe,planner type boring,5 axis machining center,CNC machine center,CNC vertical lathe,CNC gantry milling machine,Cnc Horizontal Machining Center,CNC boring mill,Router machine,double column lathe, etc., and according to customer needs we also can design and manufacture various special purpose machines, to provide relative technology upgrading and transformation services in machine tool field.

    Our products are widely used in machinery,steel,shipbuilding,molds,shipbuilding,energy,weapons,aerospace industry, etc., selling more than 60 countries and regions in domestic and abroad.

    snk cnc machine japan produced by WEISH CNC MASTER uses a gantry to move on the base, and the workbench is fixed between 2 columns. It occupies a small area and the user’s investment cost is low. The processing height can be determined by the height of the mud when the user installs.

    It has the characteristics of good dynamic characteristics,good stability,heavy cutting,large torque,strong vibration absorption,high precision. The machine tool’s technical indicators and configuration are domestically leading, its product structure and technology are mature, and its product quality is stable.

    Beam: Strengthen structure. HT300
    Main spindle motor: Original SIEMENS AC motor
    Linear Guideway: #65
    5 Axis head: MEPRO / Optional
    Y axis ball screw: 80mm
    Bearing: FAG Germany / NSK Japan
    Couping: NBK Japan
    Reducing: ALPHA Germany
    Linear system: HEIDENHAIN Germany.
    ATC: Gifu Taiwan

    X.Y.Z.C.A is 5 axis linkage controlled by system. Table moving and column fixed Cross beam moving for W axis

    1:promise to replace the broken part of machine during the warranty period

    2:The seller(WEISH CNC MASTER) will dispatch technicians to the customer’s designated location for installation and debugging based on customer needs. Includes Training, commissioning and programming

    3:we can provide the remote training if customer don’t need the on-site installation

    Product name snk cnc machine japan
    Brand Name Weish CNC Master
    Product Type CNC machine
    Place of Origin Zhejiang,China
    Product Size(CM) 389*178*236(Please consult us for specific details)
    Motor power(KW) 22
    Core Components Gear,Pump,Bearing,Motor
    Use shipbuilding,weapons,printing…etc
    Colors Blue+Customizable
    Export region Europe,America,Oceania…
    Export countries Russia,India,Suriname,Mongolia,Uruguay…etc
    Main spindle motor Original SIEMENS AC motor
    Certification CE
    Voltage 220V/380V
    Guideway HIWIN Taiwan
    MOQ  1 Set
    Port Ningbo
    Cnc System SIEMENS 840D
    Bearing FAG Germany/NSK Japan
    Payment method 30% TT prepaid.60% TT proceeding. 10% before shipment
    Packaging Details 3(or5)x40” OT for loading
    Lead time (days) 25-30(To be negotiated)
    Supply Ability 30 Set/Sets per Year  (See specific model products)

    Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

    snk cnc machine japan–A Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

    1.About snk cnc machine japan, what are your payment terms?

    30% TT prepaid.60% TT proceeding. 10% before shipment

    2.Does the snk cnc machine japan have an automatic tool replacement feature?

    Our machine can be equiped with ATC for tools and ATC for milling head

    3.About snk cnc machine japan,What is the delivery time?

    The full series of standard models are in stock. For a customized one, it depends.

    4.Is the snk cnc machine japan equipped with a tool and workpiece clamping system?

    Yes. Hydraulic chuck

    Is the snk cnc machine japan equipped with a tool and workpiece clamping system?

    5.What is the working accuracy of the snk cnc machine japan?

    X/Y/Z positioning accuracy:0.025mm X/Y/Z re-positioning accuracy:0.015mm

    6.What is the capacity of snk cnc machine japan magazine?

    60 Tools

    7.Does this snk cnc machine japan have a tool monitoring system?

    Yes. ARTIS system monitoring

    8.What type of material can the snk cnc machine japan process?

    Stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum

    What type of material can the snk cnc machine japan process?

    9.Does the snk cnc machine japan have a cooling system to control temperature?

    Yes. Lubricate system. Cutting oil temp control system

    10.What are the security features of snk cnc machine japan?

    Automatic power-off,Full loop protection, Crush detective system

    11.What are the advantages of snk cnc machine japan technology?

    snk cnc machine japan can effectively reduce the processing time and auxiliary time of parts. The CNC machine tool has a wide range of spindle speed and feed rate, allowing the machine tool to perform powerful cutting with large cutting volumes, rapid movement and positioning of CNC machine tool moving parts, and high-speed cutting, reducing the inter-process turnover time of semi-finished products and improving production efficiency.

    12.What is snk cnc machine japan and how does it work?

    It is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, decode them, express them with coded numbers, and input them into the numerical control device through the information carrier. After calculation and processing, the CNC device sends out various control signals to control the movement of the machine tool and automatically process the parts according to the shape and size required by drawing.
    Working Principle When using a CNC machine tool, the geometric information and process information of the drawings of the parts to be processed must first be written into a processing program using the prescribed code and format; then the processing program is input to the CNC device, and the CNC system information is processed according to the requirements of the program. , distribution, so that each coordinate moves a certain minimum displacement amount to realize the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece to complete the processing of the part.

    What is snk cnc machine japan and how does it work?

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